High school

21 September, 2021

The high school education program aims to optimize individual's potential. The student's learning and training path is highly personalized according to the career orientation. The academic program equips students with not only the insights knowledge but also offers a wide practical, and career oriented elective subjects. Developing the competencies of critical thinking, research, debate, and other essential skills of the 21st century.


  • Adopting project-based learning, problem-based learning, Student Club activities and Student Government Organization (SGO), students become self employed, creative, and engaged.
  • A challenging learning environment enhances cooperation, allowing individuals to develop the necessary characters and competencies of global citizens. Students are oriented to develop capacity for lifelong learning, the ability to adapt with rapid changes in global technological, economic and social context.
  • Through elective learning, students can choose a career that suits their personal abilities and interests, conditions and circumstances.


Features of the high school education program 

  • Career Orientation Program

Students are allowed to select subjects according to their focus: Natural Sciences, Technology or Social Sciences.

  • Electives

Students in grades 9-12 can choose a subject of interest corresponding to future careers such as: Information Technology, Economics - Management - Law; Culture - Art - Communication - Marketing...

  • School Advisory Model

The Olympia Schools pioneered in applying the American Advisory model. Students will have individual or group counseling, replacing the traditional homeroom teacher model.

  • Exchange opportunities with international education partners

Bilateral exchange programs between The Olympia Schools and partner schools are held every year with academic immersion taking place in both Vietnam and the country where the partner school is located (USA).

International Diploma Program



The International Diploma Program is built on the blended learning model that allows students to receive a United States high school diploma. With 3 years of study in Vietnam and 1 year in the United States, students receive many outstanding benefits:

  • US Diploma from Marianapolis Preparatory School, Top 3 best high schools of Connecticut, USA
  • 70% Teachers with Master and Doctor degrees with international teaching experience.
  • Average class size is 15 students/class.
  • The extracurricular program is designed to combine Academic Immersion, Cultural Exchange and Internship, creating conditions for students to have diverse experience and foundation, preparing for integration àn conquest of highly challenging learning and working environments in the world.

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