Middle school

21 September, 2021

The middle school education program aims to develop people with the capability of autonomy, self-study and cooperative communication, focusing on training student's systems thinking, critical thinking and perseverance.

The middle school program includes knowledge associated with real life. The approach focuses on interdisciplinary teaching and personal experience, creating a foundation to help students analyze problems in all aspects. At the same time, teaching methods and learning materials develop students' critical and creative thìnking, helping them analyze and evaluate multidimensional problems, create useful solutions.





The school is a miniature society, providing lifelong learning opportunities; each teacher is a coordinator and mobilizer of the student's participation. Students participate with a positive spirit and responsibility. Students are guided to learn the meaning of each lesson content, actively accept tasks, apply effective learning methods, and take lessons for themselves. All of these are the basis for students to deepen their knowledge, build foundation skills and build self-study capabilities.

The learning environment is challenging, and students interact with each other to solve problems. Students learn how to overcome their own limits, build their will, be ready to face problems and persistently pursue their goals.


"My son has just started studying at The Olympia Schools in the beginning of Grade 7. Although he is the only new member in the class, he has been getting along very quickly with his classmates with the dedicated support from the homeroom teacher. The homeroom teacher and subject teachers are both very closed to their students during the studying time. By the end of the first semester, my son has a very close relationship with his friends and teachers.

"He said it was his favorite school ever.”
Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu, parents of class 7H2



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