Olympia Global Fellowship Program

Olympia Global Fellowship Program (OGFP) is a highly competitive academic, professional and personal development program for talented and self-driven middle and high school students at The Olympia Schools (Hanoi, Vietnam). The program aims at engaging students with ongoing and diverse global opportunities that facilitate academic inquiry, professional and career orientation, cultural immersion and personal enrichment.

The program aims to empower a selective group of students who are intellectually curious, highly capable, driven by challenges, and willing to give back. Through a system of enriching opportunities and challenges, we hope they will grow in multiple dimensions and become the next generation of young scholars and leaders who are well prepared to confidently go onto top institutions and professional environments worldwide as well as actively contribute to creating positive impacts for communities in Vietnam and beyond.

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The program is designed based on the tenets of liberal arts education, exposing our fellows to a wide range of innovative themes, diverse experiences and challenging projects, while at the same time personalized to empower students to pursue their own inclinations and interests. For a span of 3-6 years (depending on the entry point of each fellow), our fellows will have the opportunity to:

Academic Inquiry

Pursue academic inquiry through scholarly reading and discussion, guided research and collaborative projects with Olympia’s accomplished teachers, college professors, scholars and researchers worldwide.

Professional & Career orientation

Gain professional and career orientation through case studies, company visits, short-term internships and sharing from industry experts, both in Vietnam and internationally, spanning a wide range of industries and sectors.

Cultural Immersion

Engage with cultural immersion opportunities, including music and arts activities, cultural exchange programs, excursions and field trips.

Personal Enrichment

Enable personal enrichment through conversations with influential and inspiring speakers worldwide, personal development projects, guidance and conversations with a network of accomplished mentors.

Learning activities and experiences

Scholarly research

Scholarly research:Dig deep into innovative themes and topics across disciplines through college-level reading and discussion with our experienced instructors and knowledge experts both in Vietnam and overseas, as well as through analytical and reflective writing projects.

Experiential projects

Experiential projects:Tackle case studies and real-world problems through simulations and experiential activities to foster global competencies in research, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.

Personal development project

Personal development project:Receive personalized guidance and support to complete a personal project that spans a year or more to pursue a theme/ topic/ problem of each fellow’s interest.

Capstone group

Capstone group project:Design and execute a collaborative interdisciplinary project that aims to address a real-world problem with the guidance and support of industry experts and scholars.

Inspiring talks

Inspiring talks:Engage with frequent conversations with influential and inspiring figures globally to develop their global perspectives, draw lessons for life and nurture character development.

Seminars, conferences
& symposiums

Seminars, conferences & symposiums:Participate in both domestic and international seminars, conferences and symposiums organized by Olympia and leading organizations in Vietnam and overseas to engage with thought leaders on a wide range of subject matters.

Excursions & field trips

Excursions & field trips:Embark on excursions and field trips to inquire about a wide range of themes in various communities and from knowledge experts.

Music, arts
& cultural events

Music, arts & cultural events:Participate in a wide range of music, arts & cultural events to build cultural intelligence and nurture creativity through artistic expressions.

Mentorship sessions

Mentorship sessions:Receive regular mentorship sessions, both in groups and 1-on-1, with program mentors to address issues or concerns regarding academic and personal development.

Career workshops
& internships

Career workshops & internships:Explore industry insights and experiences in depth from industry leaders and experts through both sharing workshops and short-term internships with both domestic and global companies.

College application

College application counselling:Work with experienced counsellors to develop and execute a long-term plan for application for admission and scholarships to top institutions worldwide.

Application process

Application will be open on March 5th 2024 for entry in the following academic year.


Any Olympia student in Grade 7–10 can apply for Olympia Global Fellowship Program. Due to the rigorous and challenging nature of this fellowship program, successful applicants should have: 

  • Excellent academic standing with a strong competency in most, if not all English language skills
  • Strong demonstration of valuable characters and good working ethics
  • Interest and talent in some academic discipline(s) and/or creative field(s)
  • Self-motivation to grow and develop beyond the comfort zone
  • Aspiration to pursue academic and professional opportunities on a global stage
  • Service-oriented mindset to contribute to improving communities in need

Program Fee

There is NO fee to apply for or participate in the program, except for fees associated with certain excursions, field trips, music, arts & cultural events, in which cases participation will be optional.

Submission will start from March 5th to March 31st 2024

Submission deadline: 11:59 PM (Vietnam time), March 31st 2024

Each candidate should register through submission form with the following documents:

  • A curriculum vitae

  • Two personal essays, each 650 words maximum, on any two of the following six prompts: 

    • Who are you? 

    • What truly matters to you? 

    • What is the prettiest or ugliest part of you? 

    • What will the 60-year-old you say to the current you? 

    • How is the outer you different from the inner you? 

    • What is your alter ego? 

  • A cover letter indicating your interest in the program, why you think you are a good fit for this program, and how you can act as an ambassador for the program. 


Personal interview

For Round 2, each candidate will have a 1-on-1 interview with a panel of judges, including Program Director and distinguished guest judges who are industry experts, thought leaders, influential figures, academic scholars. Round 2 interview will typically take place in April.

Final decisions will be communicated to successful applicants by May 15th. The fellowship program will kick off for successful applicants, together with our current fellows, in June 1st.

If you are interested in the program or have any questions, please feel free to contact our administration team at ogfp@theolympiaschools.edu.vn or discuss with student’s teachers/advisors for more information.