A day at Olympia

Take a look at a typical day at Olympia

Travel to school by bus

Students can travel to Olympia by bus. All drivers and supervisiors have completed safety training to enure the highest standard of care for students.


Students are identified by Face Identification System (FaceID) before entering school. The fingerprint scanner has been replaced by this innovative system which is a part of the technology development project towards a school of the future.


There are two breakfast options offered at Olympia. Breakfasts are ordered weekly.


The school day is divided into six blocks of 55 minutes for middle and high school levels. Primary lessons are 45 minutes long.

Advisor time

Primary school children have advisor time at the beginning and the end of the day. In middle school, advisor time is at the end of the day; and for high school, students can meet their academic advisor in a group of ten students/advisees. This occasion particularly and any other activities in general at Olympia always follow the principle of placing students in the center. Teachers only play the role in listening and advising students.


Lunch in the Dining Hall of Olympia includes three menus: European, Asian, and vegan dishes with three sizes S, M, L. All the ingredients are imported from the most reliable providers and strictly controlled.

Unstructured time

One of the most “Olympia” features is unstructured time. Students can choose to participate in any activities such as reading, walking, university and career counseling, or doing projects.

Club time

All school level students can choose a club which suits their interest and ability. Moreover, Olympians are encouraged to lead and run their club to sharpen their skills. Now, there are approximately 60 clubs in the school.

Physical activities

All of the Olympia students have two P.E blocks/week with various kinds of sports such as football, basketball and volleyball.

Art activities

All Olympia students have art/music in their curriculum along with experiential activities and diverse projects. Students also are able to choose their own classes each semester.