Academic pathway

Olympia's educational philosophy is based on progressive ideologies, consistent with the liberal education philosophy:

- Enlightenment: Learn to be mature, to be capable of self-control, to nurture creativity and to take responsibilities of one's own decisions and actions.

- Humanism: Learn to promote and maximize one's potentials, to support equality and dignity of everyone else, and to show concern and take actions to better the world and life of others.

- Life Orientation: Learn to address real-world problems and to build one's personal and social life in collaboration with others.

Academic pathway


Olympia Kindergarten creates a safe environment for children to grow up healthily, independently, happily and become cooperative people. It is guaranteed that school is a safe place for children to feel happy all the time, so that they can develop their thinking and passion of language in a natural way.

Primary school

The primary educational program aims to unlock the potential, focus on developing multi-senses, promoting curiosity and discovery in each student. The educational curriculum, learning environment and methodology are designed and implemented based on a perception: each child is a unique individual with different developmental areas.

Middle school

The middle school educational program aims to develop people with the capability of autonomy, self-study and cooperative communication, focusing on training student's systems thinking, critical thinking and perseverance.

High school

The high school educational program aims to optimize individual's potential. The student's learning and training path is highly personalized according to the career orientation.

Our Programs

Olympia Bilingual Program

As a Vietnamese school, the academic curriculum at The Olympia Schools is guaranteed to fully cover the national compulsory educational program. At the same time, we selectively absorb the quintessence of international education.

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International Diploma Program

The International Diploma Program creates opportunities for students to follow a standard American program and receive Bachelor’s degrees, including 1 school year in the USA.

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Olympia Summer Programs

Summer Camp with various experience designed and performed by the dynamic, enthusiastic and experienced teaching staff.

Experiential learning program

By developing fundamental skills, students can experience the international integration while still preserving Vietnam’s core values.

Short-term study abroad

Winter/Summer study abroad programs for middle school students, which create opportunities for them to interact and experience various international environments.