School nutrition

21 September, 2021

We feel strongly that excellent food and nutrition are the keystone to an productive learning day. All meals at Olympia are freshly prepared onsite. All seafood is sourced from Phu Quoc. Pork dishes are provided by GHT farms. Livestock are reared using traditional methods and feed. Vegetables are provided by Dai Ngan, adhering to American standards. All ingredients at Olympia are be traced to their source. To assure food quality Olympia holds unannouced farm inspections. The kitchen staff are trained to prepare seasonal ingredients to make almost 200 dishes. Our newest addition is the Salad Bar where students can make their own nutritious lunch. Portion sizes are planned by the schools nutritionist.


Ingredients for each dish are provided by prestigious food brands


To meet food hygiene standards while still being able to serve a tasty meal, the Olympia School is extremely strict in choosing the prestigious food providers. The seafood used during the meals is 100% natural guarantee, which is caught at Phu Quoc and transported by airway to the school. The seafood is still fresh when being prepared in the Olympia kitchen.


Pork-related dishes are provided by GHT farm with high-quality products. The pigs are raised by traditional methods (well-cooked bran) combined with Japanese one (cinnamon worms). The vegetables are provided by Dai Ngan experiential learning farm owned by TOS in Dai Lai (Phuc Yen, Vinh Phuc) applying organic farming practices based on USA standards. All of the ingredients used for school meals (chicken, beef, species, fruits,..) can be well-tracked. 


Food hygiene has always been prioritized at TOS,  followed by 3 steps from QĐ 1246/QĐ-BYT of the Healthy Ministry for restaurants and food service. All dishes are stored within 24 hours. Besides, the school health section also uses a tool kit provided by the Ministry of Public Security to test the vinegar, fresh seafood, fish, noodles, color matter and the existence of forbidden substances... If there is no suspicion, the food can be taken to the kitchen for cooking. Moreover, the food is always fresh and used within a day.


To maintain the food quality from the providers, Olympia checks periodically and unexpectedly the farm. To ensure the transparency of kitchen-related activities, Olympia always welcomes any parent who wants to join and check the process of testing the food quality and food preparation.


2-month menu without repeating


With diversity, appeal, and uniqueness as the main criteria, approximately 200 dishes and the menu for 2 months without repeating has brought excitement into any meal. There are Vietnamese, European, Asian, and vegan dishes. Moreover, there is also snack time at the end of the day before students come home to give them more energy for a learning and playing day. From this school year, the school has added more vegetables in the Salad Bar to provide the students with necessary vitamins, reduce the Cholesterol level, balance the PH level…

Bringing European and Asian dishes to daily menu also help children get used to the gastronomy culture all around the world and adapt to a multicultural society more quickly and have more advantages when studying abroad.


Contributing to the food diversity is the bakery by the professional bakers who make snacks and desserts every day. The students are also allowed to make their own cake which suits their appetite and give to their families under the school instruction. 


Caring to proper nutrition for all age ranges


The proportion of a meal is planned by the nutritionists of the school to meet the needs of all ages and to prevent malnutrition or obesity. Every meal has a balanced ratio in the nutrition amount including protein (meat, fish, seafood,..), starch, fat, fiber and vitamin D (vegetable, fruit, milk,..) and necessary minerals.


At the beginning of the semester, there is a physical examination for all students to check the state health and build a proper nutrition plan according to the results. Besides, the school health department also notes down and lists all the health problems that students usually encounter during a school year to evaluate their state health. Based on these professional evaluations, the school health department will cooperate with the student’s families to build a proper nutrition plan 


There are many students’ favorite foods during snack time such as: pizza, black noodles, Tiramisu, croissants, sweet soup, fried rice, cupcake  along with drinks: fruit juice, yogurt…


Self-awareness about personal nutrition needs

At the Olympia, students are taught basic knowledge about nutrition and cooking. Therefore, they clearly understand the group of nutrients, necessary nutrition for all age ranges, hygienic food, a balanced and healthy meal and therefore, can modify their eating style to provide enough and necessary nutrients for themselves and their family members.




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