JD. Nguyen Hoang Khanh

Harvard Law School (USA)

Juris Doctor


The first Vietnamese student to receive financial aid up to 80% of the Doctor of Law program at Harvard Law School

Masters Nguyen Vu Thanh An

Harvard University

Specializing in Science and Practice of Prevention, Specializing in Juvenile Counseling

Thanh An is a 2013 Olympia alumnus, currently working at UCC department, Olympia school

Ms. Nguyen Vu Thanh An, holds a Master's degree in the science and practice of prevention in education, focusing on adolescent counseling at Harvard University, USA; BA in Education and Psychology from Mount Holyoke University, USA. With hands-on experience in the consulting industry in the US and Vietnam, Ms. Thanh An has been a speaker at EducationUSA forums, APCDA Asia Pacific Career Conference, etc. Currently, Ms. Thanh An is focusing on into the Career Education Program and College Counseling Study Abroad and Career at Olympia School. After many years of researching, summarizing and understanding teenage psychology, Ms. Thanh An will surely have very useful sharing for parents to skillfully guide their children.

Le Dieu My

University of NYU

Specialization in Directing

In the 10th grade, Dieu My became the general director of the musical Mamma Mia at the school, the play was very successful and collected a large amount of money to raise funds for charity.

Recently, Dieu My also worked as an assistant director for the musical "The Miserables".

Le Dieu My, former President of SGO for the 2017-2018 school year, an international student majoring in Theater Directing, New York University (USA), Top 3 Universities in New York City. Le Dieu My was once mentioned by the domestic press at the time in 2019 when the female student Olympia won 8 scholarships in the US. Dieu My is the assistant general director and stage manager for the musical Les Miserables of the National Opera and Ballet, which performed at the Hanoi Opera House last year.

At the end of the NYU interview, Professor Mark Wing-Davey at New York University told My: “I myself grew up in my high school. Now, I need a larger environment to develop further. And New York is such a place.”

While studying at New York University, even as a freshman, My was directed to direct a drama project at the end of the year. It is a very important project in my learning path. But perhaps the project that I am most proud of is the musical Les Miserables by the Vietnam National Ballet, which was performed at the Opera House. I was fortunate to have an internship in the theater and after talking with the program director, he offered me the position of assistant director. Being able to work in an official theater for the whole way since the end of July, I am extremely proud of what I have done, and more especially, I have been able to feel the artistic environment in Vietnam.

Nguyen Ba Viet Dung

Viet Dung is a student who received an admission letter from Johns Hopkins University - Top 15 best schools in the world, Top 9 top universities in the US.

Over the years, Dung has continuously had remarkable achievements in debate such as winning the second Hanoi Open Debating Championship, representing Vietnam to participate in debate competitions in Malaysia, Croatia, and Indonesia.

Nguyen Thu Yen

Bryn Mawr College

Specialization in Computer Science

Thu Yen is a former Olympia student in the 2019 school year. During her time at Olympia, Thu Yen was the President of the Student Council. For many consecutive years she was an excellent student, participated in many domestic and foreign debates and won many awards. Thu Yen was once the captain of one of two Vietnamese teams invited to attend the Harvard college world schools invitational tournament of Harvard University.

Doan Hoang Nhi

Hoang Nhi is an Olympia alumnus in the 2020 academic year, the outstanding student of Olympia for many years in a row, the second prize in city level English in 2017, got a perfect score in the second round (900/900) and was selected to participate in the final round of the TOEFL Junior Challenge 2015, 3rd prize in the American Mathematical Excellent student contest - AMC 8 in 2015.

Vu Cam Binh

University of Sydney

Specialization in Sports Management

Cam Binh is an Olympia alumnus in the 2019 school year. Cam Binh used to be the captain of the women's basketball team at Olympia, leading the team to compete and win many sports awards.

Nguyen Le Phuong Anh

Phuong Anh is the third Vietnamese student to receive a medical scholarship from the University of Sydney worth 20% of the tuition fee. Phuong Anh also has other achievements such as: reaching the Gold Level of the CREST Award research project organized by the British scientific association, a member of the national debate team participating in the Worlds Schools Debating Championship in 2018, the top 16 in the Essay writing International Public Policy Forum 2019, 1st prize in Business and Accounting Competition 2020 organized by Australian National University...

Trinh Diem QUynh

Diem Quynh is a former Olympia student in the school year 2021, Quynh has received acceptance letters from 10 universities around the world. In particular, Diem Quynh received a scholarship of 212,416 USD (nearly 5 billion VND) for 4 years of study from Connecticut College. Diem Quynh is also a prominent face in the debate community and gave a talk with the theme "Traditional and modern music, what should we choose" on the TEDxYouth@Hanoi stage.

Trinh Bao Han

Bao Han is one of two Vietnamese students, and one of 31 people worldwide to win the Monash University International Merit Scholarship. Bao Han is also a talented debater with many awards such as: Team leader of the debate team representing Vietnam in the Harvard College World Schools Invitational, Runner-up of the Hanoi City Debate Competition HDT 2018,...

Hoang Thai Son

Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)

International Communication & Media

Scholarship: 40% of the full course

Quach Hoang Nhi

Hoang Nhi has just received a scholarship worth 186,000/4 years (equivalent to 4.2 billion VND) at Conservatory of Music - Lawrence University (top 22 best music schools in the world). Hoang Nhi is also a musical talent, often participating in music competitions at school with impressive songs.

Nguyen Ngoc Anh


Scholarships of $ 100,000 from schools: Jacksonville University; Adelphi University and University of Kansas

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Le Quang Truong


Scholarships of $ 100,000 from schools: University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Kansas, University of the Pacific, University of South Carolina

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Dang The Trung


Presidential Scholarship $100,000 from Xavier University

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Nguyen Phuong Ngan


Receive an offer of admission from Emerson College

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Le Vinh Kien


Scholarship of 100,000$ from Adelphi University

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Nguyen Huu Minh Nhat


Admission letter from Truman State University ($9,000 scholarship), Lycoming College ($34,000 scholarship), Texas Christian University ($51,570 scholarship), Drexel University ($38,400 scholarship), Miami University ($26,000 scholarship), Elmhurst University ($25,000 scholarship), Ohio Wesleyan University ($35,000 scholarship) and Dickinson College ($25,000 scholarship). The total number of equivalent scholarships is up to nearly 6 billion VND.

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Dong Ha Thu


- Scholarship worth 50,000 CAD (Canadian Dollar) of the University of Toronto

- Scholarship worth 12,000 USD/year from the University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Bui Quynh Chau


30% Scholarship of British University Vietnam (BUV)

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Ho Cam Tu


7500 AUD Scholarship for Foundation Course at University of New South Wales, Australia

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Nguyễn Bá Việt Dũng

Johns Hopkins University (USA) - International relations

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Lê Duy Hiếu

Neeley School of Business (USA) - Supply Chain Management Scholarship: $196.000

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Doãn Hoàng Nhi

Pomona College (USA) - Writing

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Võ Minh Hằng

Toronto Film School (Canada) - Acting

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Trương Thành Đạt

Monash University (Australia) - Business of administration

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Lê Diệu My

New York University (USA) - Stage director

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Vũ Cẩm Bình

University of Sydney (Australia) - Sports Management

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Nguyễn Thu Yến

Bryn Mawr College (USA) - Computer Science

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Phạm Ngân Hà

School of The Art Institute of Chicago (USA) - Furniture design Honors Scholarship

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Đỗ Minh Châu

National University of Economics (Vietnam) - International Business

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Nguyễn Thảo Trang

Villanova University, Pennsylvania (USA) - Information System Administration and Business Data Analysis

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Nhữ Đức Minh

Loyola University Chicago (USA) - Computer Engineering

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Cao Quý Bảo Trân

Monash University (Australia) - Bachelor of Biomedical Science

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Hoàng Minh Anh

Simon Fraser University (Canada) - Marketing Major and Business Analytics and Decision Making

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Vũ Trà My

RMIT University (Vietnam) - Supply chain and Logistics

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Nguyễn Thảo Nguyên

British Columbia (Canada) - Finance. Together with teammates won the runner-up in the Young Future Entrepreneur contest held in Germany in 2016.

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Nguyễn Hà Anh

Lycoming College (USA) - Psychology

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Cao Hà Châu Anh

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (Australia) - Bachelor of Business (International Hotel & Resort Management)

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Bạch Quốc Lâm

Northeastern University (USA) - Finance

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Ong Thị Thảo Uyên

Monash University (Australia) - Psychology

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Cao Hạnh Nguyên

Boise State University (USA) - Marketing

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Tạ Tuấn Việt

Carroll University (USA) - Computer science 50% scholarship

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Đào Việt Tùng

Hawaii Preparatory Academy Computer Science and Data Science(USA)

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Bùi Thế Cảnh

Hanoi Law University - International trade law

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Nguyễn Sơn

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA) - Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Lê Mỹ Linh

Arizona State University (USA) - Design Studies (Design Management), the Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts. New American Scholarship: $3000/semester

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Vũ Thị Hà Anh

New York University (USA) - Integrated Marketing

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Mai Quỳnh Hương

RMIT University (Vietnam) - International Business

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Hoàng Thái Sơn

Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) - International Communication & Media Scholarship: 40% of the full course

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Ths. Nguyễn Vũ Thanh An

Harvard University (USA) - Prevention Science and Practice, Adolescent Counseling.

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Đỗ Ngọc Tùng

University of Cincinnati(USA) - Business information system

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Nguyễn Anh Thư

University of California, Riverside(USA) - Biology

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Hồ Minh Quân

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith (USA) - Graphic Design. International Honors Scholarship: 100%

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Nguyễn Minh Phương

RMIT University (Vietnam) - Professional Communication

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Nguyễn Lê Thảo Minh

Baruch College New York (USA) - Finance Strategy Team Leader, Grab

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Nguyễn Hải Khánh

University of Technology Sydney (Australia) - Media Art and Production

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JD. Nguyễn Hoàng Khánh

Harvard Law School (USA) - Juris Doctor St. John's University (USA) - Psychology The first Vietnamese student to receive financial aid up to 80% of the Doctor of Law program at Harvard Law School

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Nguyễn Tiến Trường Giang

University of Oklahoma (USA) - Marketing International Business

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Nhữ An Lâm Đức

Saint John's University (USA) - Risk management

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