A Wonderful summer is a playful summer

21 September, 2021

The image of “seeds” was the inspiration for 2019 Super Summer.

When talking about the seeds, we often think about life sources, reproduction and development. For us, the organizers of 2019 Super Summer, that image carries more meanings than that.

For us, each child represents a seed, who continually interacts with surrounding environments to grow up, shape personality and spirit. There are countless elements which affect a child’s growth such as environment, education from the family and school. But we believe that the time and space for relaxation, creating connection with nature play a crucial role in the development of each child.

In addition to that, seeds also symbolize the hope of creating “Live Green” and “Live Well” lifestyles. We strongly believe that children who are provided with chances to communicate with each other and interact with the surroundings through meaningful activities can create good habits for themselves. And we would love to deliver this message through daily activities and routine. We believe that many educational values will be transferred to students in 2019 Super Summer.

Participants are kept busy by 5 Houses of Super Summer
Ball House: Physical activities with indoor and outdoor sports.
Earth House: Connection to nature.
Wind House: Creativity with traditional arts.
Cloud House: Creativity with handcrafted and recycled materials.
Mushroom House: Food processing (Making soft drinks, snacks, salad), organic vegetable production (bean sprouts, brussels sprouts, etc)
Across the journey of Super Summer, participants will practice Play Green & Go Green.



The activities in Super Summer will help participants practice 3 main skills:
- Self-control
- Independence
- Self-responsibility
With 3 criteria:
- Safety
- Friendliness
- No leftovers
Besides, there will be a picnic and a night at school so that participants can experience new feelings and challenge themselves in a special situation without the presence of their parents. They will learn about how to protect themselves in public places as well as basic defensive martial arts.
Detailed information:

  • Time: 10 – 21/6/2019
  • Age range: 6 – 11 years old
  • Tuition fee: 12.000.000 VND

The Olympia Schools, Trung Van New Urban area, To Huu Street, South Tu Liem District, Hanoi
T: 024 62677999  Hotline: | 0906 261 828 | 0903 247 068 | 0982 428 955 | 0902 298 676
E: info@theolympiaschools.edu.vn 
Special offer: 5% discount with all registrations before 1/05/2019

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