Contest designing digital lectures - Creative teaching on IT platforms 2021

25 September, 2021



– A great class for teachers to challenge themselves and their expertise

The contest “Designing digital lectures – Creative teaching on IT platforms 2021” for Olympian teachers was held in March 2021 and the awards ceremony took place on June 21, 2021. Although the school year has experienced many changes, it has also recognized the achievements and continuous efforts of the teachers.


ĐạiA representative of the Competition Jury, Dr. Ton Quang Cuong – Head of the Faculty of Educational Technology, University of Educational Sciences, shared: “18 lectures have been carefully designed and of high quality, ensuring that pedagogical and technological factors were included. Also, the lectures have covered all kinds of scientific content, showing the creativity and mastery skills of technology of the teachers from preschool, primary, middle and high schools.


Every hour that the students spend on studying online as they do when attending face-to-face classes means the number of hours the teachers spend on preparing lessons and for teaching might be doubled, compared to classroom lectures. It is because in order to attract the students’ attention when studying from home, the teachers have to transform and design lessons in the appropriate ways as well as offer the most effective way to interact with the students.


To accompany and support the teachers overcome those challenges, the contest “Designing digital lectures – Creative teaching on IT platforms 2021” was considered an exciting professional playground for Olympian teachers. This was an activity belonging to the plan “Teaching and Learning in the Digital World” hosted by the Academic Council of Olympia.


Officially launched from March 8, 2021 to April 14, 2021, after more than one month, the contest organizers received 18 lectures with the participation of 30 teachers joining as individuals and pairs. The lectures showed diverse content in the fields of natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, ICT), social sciences (philology, history, geography) and the Arts (music)


The Consultation Board supported the participants in answering questions during the process of completing the products, and guiding the use and practice of I-Spring software on April 1, 2021.

The Jury worked seriously and fairly to assess the lectures. Those which met the criteria must include objectives, structures, content, methods, technology, student assessments and other specific requirements when teaching online. The lectures passing the first round to enter the second round showed that teachers are the ones who create meaningful, friendly, practical learning situations for students in a logical process, referring to self and reality.


The contest was summed up and awarded on June 21, 2021 on the online platform, with the presence of all teachers, Board of Management and Olympian school leaders. The awards ceremony closed a school year which, despite the frustration, acknowledged the achievements and continuous efforts of the teachers.


Faced with the impacts of the pandemic and the ever-changing challenges of technology, Olympian management staffs and teachers have demonstrated convincingly that they themselves must be the pioneers who need to change to adapt and conquer challenges. We commit to bringing every moment of learning and growth which is meaningful to our dear students in any learning environment.


















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