Elementary students' special summary week: connecting, sharing love, and spreading goodwill

25 September, 2021

The Olympia Primary School students' special review week has come to an end. Even though the resurgence of the Covid outbreak has students to stay at home, this did not deter them from continuing their studies. Furthermore, study vỉtually allows children to spend more time at home with their families, perform beneficial activities with their parents, and stay healthy. Thanks to the participation in a special review week, primary school students have an opportunity to reflect on their entire school year, look back on what they have learned during the year, and apply what they enjoy on challenges.


3 days of challenge with many meaningful activities


A series of activities named "Final week challenges" was held on Facebook for 2nd grade students, featuring three challenges on the topics "I am healthy," "I am creative," and "I love." Students will learn how to make electrolyte water to recharge energy for the body after excercising. Regarding the topic “I’m creative”, second graders will have a chance to experience the process of dubbing for 2 delightful cartoons. The day of “I love”, likewise, is a time for them to interact and have fun with their family members.


A lot of activities and challenges took place creating a very useful playground for the 2nd graders. Students had time to play chess, board games, seahorses, basketball… with parents, grandparents, and silblings. The small space living does not prevent them from unleashing their creativity and have fun moments with their loved ones.


Let’s look at the pictures and challenging activities of 2rd grade students:





Challenging activities were also held with the 3rd and 4th graders. Wonderful Olympia Week for the 3rd graders also took place in 3 days with 3 different themes: Breakthrough, Love and Connect. The challenges for the 3rd graders are diverse with many refreshing topics. In the topic Breakthrough, 3rd grade students can choose to send a message to their juniors or to their teachers in many creative ways. Especially on Love Day, there are also 4 activities for them to conduct with their loved ones such as making drinks, making handmade gifts, inviting your family to record a video or giving 10 hugs or 10 back punches to your parents and grandparents... The Connection Day is a chance for you to share tales and stories in English about traditional Vietnamese values.

Ms. Thao Nguyen, grade 3 English Teacher said that the children are very excited about this event as the activities are new and creative. Students take challenges seriously, take on assignment, review progress and support each other if needed. Groups actively discuss, exchange and practice presentations in order to listen and provide feedback for each other.

With constant support from parents, he afore mentioned tasks were completed successfully. It has been reported from the disscussion groups that the children, teachers and pảents has had a meaningful time witnessing the growth of their children, the joy of family bonding and valuable lessons.

Let’s look at the pictures and challenging activities of 3rd grade students:






Gifts to Dien Bien

Along with challenging activities in grades 2, 3, 4, students of grade 1 will have a variety of activities based on the characteristics of each class. Yearning to console less fortunate children, especially those affected by the Covid epidemic, students in grade 1A3 and 1A1 have decided to donate and support students at Si Pa Phin Primary school in Dien Bien Province Nam Po District. This is an area where 45 students and 26 primary teachers identified as F1 must be isolated in quarantine.

Continuing the tradition of supporting students in affected areas, students of 1A3 and 1A1 together with Olympia school board have sent more than 200 story books, bags of 6kg washing powder, 5 reeds house, 80 face towels, 5 power sockets, 4 boxes of physiological saline, 5kg of chloramine B for floor disinfecting liquid, and 1 box of 25 bottles of 500ml to Si Pa Phin primary school..



Ms. Thuy Dung, homeroom teacher of 1A3 said that the above gifts are practical and necessary at this time, as informed to Olympia teachers by the Principal of Si Pa Phin Primary School. Along with the number of books donated by Olympia school, the Parent Association has supported a variety of goods, including several paintings by students in grade 1A3 with anti-epidemic messages, mental support for quarantined primary school students, and other items. This is not only an opportunity for students to do good deeds, but it is also an opportunity for them to genuinely comprehend human values in life, as Olympia always encourages them to do.





The end of an old school year coincides with the completion of a week of celebratory reports from Olympia Primary students. We wish the pupils a successful school year filled with many memorable lessons, memories, and imprints, and we look forward for better things to come in 2021-2022.



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