[International Diploma Program] - We wrote, and grew, and wrote some more - Episode 5: MY PURPOSE OF LEARNING

07 October, 2021

[International Diploma Program] - We wrote, and grew, and wrote some more

Have you ever wondered what would you do in the future?
How is a Geometry question or the floral ecosystem structure in Biology helpful to your future?

This must be the daily concern of many high school students, including Dang The Trung, class 11QT at Olympia, who is the episode’s protagonist.
Trung achieved excellent academic record but always felt lost as to what his passion was. He did not know about his strengths, weaknesses, and what he would like to do in the future.

The role of team leader of Vinamilk project at the International Diploma Program came to Trung as a surprise. Just like any heroic protagonist in a superhero movie, he had his friends besides to form an Avengers team. Trung and his friends devoted themselves to study, research, and seeked support from their teachers. After many vigorous working days, they initiated the layout of a Vinamilk flagship store.

TThroughout the project, he understood the importance of the knowledge that he once considered trivial. These knowledge include math to apply to cost calculation, geography to location survey and demographic analysis, art and design to modelling and marketing to consumer behavior insight, etc.

All of their efforts were finally paid off when they had a chance to present the idea toTemasek Holdings, a Singaporean government investment fund, and attained great success beyond expectation. They even got the opportunity to present the initiative to the Brand Director of Vinamilk and Unilever in Vietnam.

After this case study at the International Diploma Program, Trung realized that : the acquisition of knowledge across diverse areas shall bring about more benefits than a good profile. These knowledge plays a fundamental role in real life.

Let us watch Trung’s story on personal development and growth.



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