Junior Varsity women volleyball team won the championship at HAC League 2022-2023

17 February, 2023

For the first time since 2015, Junior Varsity volleyball team has brought home the honor to have Olympia's name engraved on the wooden board with volleyball champion in the League 2022-2023 of HAC (Hanoi Activities Conference) for international schools in Hanoi.

Congratulations to the players on the Junior Varsity team:
Pham Tran Khanh Linh (G9), Do Phuong Anh (G9), Pham Phu Dong (G10), Tran Hien Anh (G10), Tran Thanh Ngan (G9), Ha Thy Lam (G10), Chu Giang Kim Khanh (G10) , Tran Phuong Nhi (G10), Mai Thuy Trang (G9), Au Gia Minh (G10).

After the long and intense competition, the team excellently overcame their opponents and won the championship to write new history for the Olympia volleyball team.

Mai Thuy Trang (G9) shared her joy and pride, because to achieve the championship goal, Olympia players have trained and worked hard for a long time, with many after-hours training sessions. Thuy Trang mentioned that this victory is worth the efforts and determination of the whole team.

Congratulations on the honorable victory of the Olympians! Hopefully, the volleyball team will continue to maintain their championship title for many years! 

Junior Varsity olympia women volleyball team
Junior Varsity women volleyball team

Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC) is an organization developed to create, promote, and foster cooperation among its member - international schools in Hanoi by providing a forum for communication and discussion, promoting and/or sponsoring activities, and seeking to serve as an extension of each member school's program. The member of HAC are: British International School (BIS), Concordia International School Hanoi (CISH), Hanoi International School (HIS), The Olympia Schools (TOS), St Paul American School (SPAS), United Nations International School Hanoi (UNIS),...

HAC organizes yearly social events and sport tournaments in order to create an opportunities for students to develop and compete in the sport battle. In the League, the member schools compete continously throughout the school year to find the strongest team to win.




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