Know more about Griffin Junior Scholarship 2021 in talk show “Math & English: nurturing new generation of talents”

27 September, 2021

The talk show to be held on 16 May 2021 at Olympia Schools will present to parents a new learning approach to Math and English as well as Griffin Junior Scholarship for secondary school students in the upcoming schoolyear.


In Vietnam, Math and English are of high importance to all school levels. However, the common learning methods are not really effective in pursuing the goal of education.


In particular, rote learning is now considered the most common method to get high scores in Math. Students must mechanically memorize multiplication table and equations. This method can get them high grades and good exam results; however, it is increasingly being challenged given that the efficiency of standardized test is being put into question while critical thinking becomes more focused. Apparently, teaching and learning should be centered around logical thinking, creativity, and self-taught skills rather than how to memorize formulas and equations. Traditional learning approach produces the “outcome” of excellent results in high school exams, but becomes irrelevant in university and college level where students are required to perform a more complex and diverse set of skills and competencies.


Similarly, English is regarded as a “subject” with the same goal of high scores. Taking the role of language into account, English is a communication tool to reach exotic cultures and ideology. Language, encompassing cultural value, is expressed and demonstrated by critical thinking. Hence, English should be incorporated into other subjects, which play an increasingly significant role in student development in the 21st century, such as Humanity, Debate, Sociology, Economics, etc. so that students can easily get access to the humankind library. English should not be confined within exams but the access to vast realm of knowledge.




There are many other factors to consider regarding Math and English learning method, but it all boils down to (1) the goal to developing critical thinking and language skills, and (2) empiricism approach. A local learning environment that can address these focuses should be considered by parents instead of an overseas one. Education is not only about long-term planning and financial capacity but more importantly what is truly important to your child, which method suits your child, and which skills and competency shall be essential in the next 10 years in an ever-changing world.


If you are interested in how to develop your child’s potential in new era and what is the effective teaching and learning method for Math and English in Vietnam and the world, you can join the online talk show “Math & English: nurturing new generation of talents” on 16 May held by Olympia Schools.


During the talk show, our educational experts including Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu and experienced teaching staff will raise the issues related to learning in new era and share their insight into effective learning methods. The talk show “Math & English: nurturing new generation of talents” will also cover a much-concerned topic, i.e. which talents are being emphasized, what kind of talents will be much needed in new era, and how to develop them across three phases from initiation (primary school), development (secondary school) and maximization (high school).


On top of that, we will also introduce in the talk show Griffin Junior Scholarship 2021 at total value of VND 10 billion. For the first time at Olympia Secondary School, 15 scholarships at total VND 10 billion will be given to sixth graders to accommodate four schoolyears (from grade 6 to 9). Any students at sixth grade with excellent academic, musical, athletic and artistic talents will stand a chance to get the scholarship.


For your convenience, please visit our Facebook page to get more information about the talk show, at




Griffin Junior Scholarship totaling at VND 10 billion.

Deadline for application: from 28 April 2021 – 21 May 2021.

First round result announcement: 26 May 2021.

For more information, please visit: https://theolympiaschools.edu.vn/griffin-junior

Or you can contact Ms. Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang at 0906261828 or trang.nth@theolympiaschools.edu.vn to get further advice




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