Learn to understand and appreciate the value of working

24 September, 2021

  • What job do you like the most?
  • I love making pottery.
  • Why?
  • Because I can get to shape clay, spinning the potter’s wheel to make a flower vase, then draw, paint, and write my name on the vase.
  • What do you find most difficult when making pottery?
  • I want a round vase, but it keeps getting distorted. I would have to work over and over again, and I can only succeed with the guidance and support from the teachers.
  • How do you think you can improve?
  • I will probably have to practice again and again..

This is an exchange with a pre-primary student after their field trip to Bat Trang Pottery Village on April 7, 2021. During this trip, the students learn about the process of making pottery, as well as practice making their own products.





Các con thực hành làm gốm, trang trí sản phẩm và tham quan chợ gốm


This field trip is part of a series of activities centered on the theme “Career”, in which children can observe and get first-hand experience in a variety of vocations such as teaching, cooking, planting, and pottery making. As a result, students are expected to develop a sense of satisfaction when creating their own products, as well as to experience learning from failures and hardships. Each task requires students to strive to overcome adversity such as: talking without being listened to (in teaching activities), their plants fail to blossom like others. Thus, the children gradually develop a growth mindset (a positive attitude towards encountering and overcoming challenges), as well as empathy and appreciation for their own and others’ efforts.


Wow, such a huge chunk of meat


Practice making croissant


The pure joy after finishing the products


Teacher “points” let’s speak aloud together


Mon, it’s your turn


Create mini garden using recycled materials


Watering plants everyday



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