Lessons on pursuing balance in life Olympians from International Diploma program

23 February, 2023

As Olympians from International Diploma program enter high schools, they tend to get a lot busier. With their sight set on some of the most prestigious higher education institutions, both local and global, these students strive for excellence in their academic performance, while simultaneously participate in various extracurricular activities to gain valuable life experiences and develop holistically.

Without being properly trained to balance their professional and personal life, Olympians can be under a lot of pressure in these trying times. Such as in the case of Trần Phạm Phương Linh (Grade 10), who once tried to engage in two big business competitions at the same time, and consequently felt totally overwhelmed by the workload.

Dr. Nguyễn Chí Hiếu friendly shared his real-life experience regarding the topic

With that in mind, Dr. Nguyễn Chí Hiếu – The Olympia Schools’ Academic Director – recently had a sharing session with high school students from International Diploma program on the topic of “Balancing professional and personal life”. In this session, he covered the how he kept his mental, physical and emotional health in check in 2022 – a particularly busy year of his, in which he got involved with many commitments, including studying for yet another Master’s program in the U.S., doing operating and consulting works for schools, giving lectures in more than 20 university classes, attending hundreds of conferences and training workshops, giving advices on more than 200 students' college application essays, etc. 

A principle that Olympians have taken to heart from this session is to always get their priorities straight and be prepared to shift priority when needed at different points in life. When they can identify and manage their priorities, their time management will be more efficient, which helps them avoid being overloaded. In addition to time management methods, Olympians have also learned valuable lessons about how to maintain a positive mental and emotional state through even the most challenging times. For instance, they picked up on how to see their shortcomings in a new light, so that they can embrace their imperfection instead of being their own worst critic, while still try to better themselves.

Many practical and helpful lessons were conveyed to students of the International Diploma program

The inspirational talk given by Dr. Nguyễn Chí Hiếu also helped students learn a simple but extremely useful daily practice, which is trying to dedicate a short amount of time just to themselves - dubbed “me-time” by the speaker - even on the most stressful and exhausting days. This is the biggest “trick” that helps make the Olympia Academic Director’s work-life balance more sustainable. 

This particular “secret recipe” from Dr. Hiếu is the key takeaway from this session for Trần Phạm Phương Linh (Grade 10). “Had I known that before when I was participating in those competition, I would have certainly be able to maintain a healthier balance.”, said the Olympian. She also affirmed that she would apply this knowledge to keep her mental and physical health in good condition while working on her academic and personal growth.

The sharing session with Dr. Hiếu came to conclusion with many practical lessons for Olympians. These opportunities to learn from experts will nurture the skills and attitudes students need to excel and lead meaningful, happy lives in an increasingly more interconnected world.

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