Letter to parents from our Head of Schools

31 August, 2022

We have entered the new school year for 1 month with the enthusiasm and excitement of Olympia teachers and students. There have been many interesting activities taking place, with lively and inspiring lessons. In order to look back on this month and share the plan for the future, our Head of Schools - Ms. Shannon Wellwood-Koga has a letter to our dear parents. Parents and Olympians, let’s read the letter together! 


Dear Parents, 


We are at the end of week three of instruction, teaching and learning as if our covid year never happened. Students are getting back into a routine and experiencing a fun month back at school. It’s hard to imagine that even our second graders are experiencing their first full year of school in person. Considering that, they are doing amazingly well, adjusting to lessons and making friends. 


Together with our students from the bilingual program from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and the international program, this school year, Olympia warmly welcomes our first students attending IB-DP program. 


In a couple of short weeks, school communication will be completely rolled over to our School Information System (SIS). If you have not yet downloaded the app, please do as it will be the main connection at Olympia. We have worked hard to create a tool that supports teachers, students and parents, and helps us partner in your child’s education journey. 


Another news item to look for is the monthly coffee morning topics in which Olympia leaders and senior teachers share their knowledge, understanding, and expertise. We will be hosting at least one coffee session per month and are excited to have you on campus to share. That information will be coming to you shortly. 


This year our slogan is Learn Smart, Go Global, Be a Happy You! Please join us in using technology smartly, thinking glocally about issues that matter to our communities, and supporting your and your child’s mental health as well as helping our children to be their happy selves at school and at home. We all are working towards a happy year with responsible, sustainable choices. 


Finally, we encourage you to reach out to your child’s teachers if you have a question, concern, or celebration. Please reach out through SIS or email, respecting their personal time in the early morning or late evening as teachers also have their own families and children to take care of. Teachers will ensure that you have a response within 24 hours. 


We look forward to having a great and meaningful partnership with you all, so that together we can create another great year for our beloved children in a school they all dearly call Home. 




Shannon Wellwood-Koga"


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