Message from the founder

21 September, 2021

Dear parents,

Looking back upon our journey of the pass 10 years, we, the founders of the school, were also parents who were looking for a comprehensive and humane educational environment for our children. We had a dream of setting up a school where every teacher, manager, and staff is an educator who has the same mindset as kids'. They not only have the knowledge and skills to succeed, but also learn how to be kind people. We hoped that our children could both maintain the good values of Vietnamese culture, have enough skills and courage to reach out to the world, confidently conquer challenges to be successful and happy in life.

We think that each child is unique

in abilities, dispositions, and characters that deserve respect and development. We understand that during the school years, children are not only developing many aspects of knowledge, skills and characters, but also step by step, shaping their own passions. So for everything we do, we need to think deeply to have a believe that it is relevant and will bring practical values to students, without aiming at short-temp goals, numbers or rewards, medals.

In the context of globalization and cross-cultural environment, we use critical thinking and combine the international experience of our experts to choose what suits Vietnamese children and Vietnamese culture. To make it happen, the management team and teachers over the years have been continuously trained in both academic aspects and profession with leading universities, organizations and educational experts in Vietnam and around the world.

We connect actively with organizations and school systems that share our common point of view and philosophy to accompany development. From top America High school for girls to the international diploma program with Top 3 Connecticut High school (US), each partner shares the same mission with Olympia: creating more chances for students to go beyond their limits, searching and learning from the precious experience that previous generations rarely achieved.

Looking back over a decade of growth, we realize that the most glorious spot in the development journey of Olympia is the companionship of our passionate partners: Parents
Every year, the day when we say goodbye to the grade 12th students, we hold hands and hug our parents tightly like family members. We cry and laugh together at the maturity of our children over the past 12 years. The number of years you have grown up at Olympia is the number of years we understand each other to share, and to bring out the most meaningful, enduring and the best choice for our children.

Your kind cooperation has brought fruitful results,

the scientific research of students honored all over the world, national debate championship and country representation at the competition, the musicals that students are the organizers, the scholarships to Harvard, NYU Melbourne, Sydney, etc. Above all, students; growth and maturity are of most concern to every child in the Olympia schools.

Olympia is Home

What we have been doing and will do for students is always the best in our ability and strength to give opportunities for students to be loved, challenged, supported, and grew up from the second home: Olympia.

Pham Thi Minh An
Vice-president of Academic Council,
Co-founder of The Dream House Education System,
Principal of The Olympia high school.


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