21 September, 2021

The International Diploma program is built based on Blended learning methodology, which is highly applicable in many advanced education systems in the world. With this method, students can have optimal development with the subjects from Vietnam’s general education system, as well as conquering subjects from American general education system, from which they are equipped with global citizen’s knowledge and skills to prepare for the future experience in international academic environment and tackle challenges at work and in their lives.





Students will study 6 subjects under the program issued by the Ministry of Education and Training and Marianapolis’s curriculum. The teachers at Olympia are experienced teachers, who graduated from top Vietnamese and international schools, such as University of Oxford, University of Nottingham, University of Warwick, etc. The offline learning program is designed under the coordinated research and development of Marianapolis high school and Olympia’s academic departments in the last 5 years to exploit the strengths of both general education programs in an optimal way.





From the very first year at The Olympia Schools and across the whole course, students will study subjects in the US’s general education system online with native teachers from Marianapolis high school. They are graduates from the USA's leading universities, like Harvard University or Dartmouth College with more than 10 years of teaching experience. The online facility was built and exclusively operated for the International Diploma program, which enables students to study independently, research documents, improve technological knowledge and skills.



Students in the International Diploma program are able to take a flexible overseas semester at Marianapolis Preparatory School with Summer study camps (1 month), a semester (5 months) and a school year (for those who want to get US’s Baccalaureate Diploma). During the study period (5 months or a year), students will study American high school program in accordance with the designed path from grade 9 to 12. At Summer study camp, participants will join with international students from over 30 countries in the summer study program combined with academic and extracurricular experience.



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