OLMUN 2023: Time traveling, Olympians discussed important political - social issues on global scale

29 March, 2023

Olympia Leaders Model United Nations (OLMUN) held 100% in English is an important annual event and one of an assessment activity for English subject of grade 10 Olympians. Participating in OLMUN, students act as ambassadors of a country - delegates attending international conferences of the United Nations to discuss global issues. The common aim of these conferences is to find a peaceful solution of various issues based on international law and the spirit of international cooperation between parties in order to achieve common compromises. 


OLMUN 2023 with the general theme of “Time Travel” was organized into 7 councils, each with a smaller topic for discussion. There were councils that go back to the past with hypothetical discussions about major events that has happened, such as the signing of the Munich agreement - a peaceful meeting but failed to reach accordance among the parties involved therefore ignited the second world war, the issues of Western colonialism in Asian and African countries,... Other councils may look to the future to discuss issues that have a lasting impact on human life, such as: the rising AI technology and its ethical implications, food security on a global scale, combating rising child labor on a global scale... 



Grade 10 Olympians participating in the discussion conference


Nearly 20 grade 10 students representing 20 countries at each council, along with 2-3 chairperson who were grade 11 and 12 students participating in the conference, were very excited to exchange and discuss together. In each topic, student delegates took turns to raise their country's position for representatives of other countries to discuss, debate, and even criticize, in order to choose a peaceful solution that benefits the parties. 



Grade 10 Olympians participating in the discussion conference


As the representative of Italy discussing the Munich Agreement, Le To Thi (10SBQT) had to carefully study this international agreement that made a great global impact. "I have studied very deeply about the goals and related interests of various countries to be able to fully act in the role. After OLMUN, in addition to the greatest value of knowledge of history, politics and society, and global thinking, I also developed skills in debate and negotiation in order to achieve favorable agreements. Not only that, because the delegates had to exchange, communicate, and write position paper in English, my vocabulary and skills in English also improved significantly, " said To Thi. 


An activity in English subject but bringing a lot of value to students, surpassing what can be obtained in a normal lesson.  

But Olympia's OLMUN doesn't stop there. 80-90% of the organization of this event was done by students themselves under the guidance of teachers. Through this, Olympians developed many skills in event organization and operation...



Grade 10 Olympian stating their arguments in the conference


Closing 9 weeks of meticulous and enthusiastic preparation, 2 days of exciting and passionate conferences, the closing ceremony - awarding held on March 27 has recognized the efforts of the the organizing team, and at the same time honored the student delegates with the best performance. Congratulations to the outstanding Olympians!

Grade 10 delegates receiveing certificates at the closing ceremony of the program


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