Olympia Summer Programs

UTOPIA Summer Camp – SMART residents ECO life

Summer is the time for the city of UTOPIA to welcome its citizens. After 9 days and 8 nights experiencing a miniature society, participants will gain valuable knowledge about:

  • Personal financial management.
  • Tackle unexpected circumstances at work.
  • Consistent thinking, creative thinking and imagination.
  • Understand personal value, respect a society’s regulation.

Olympia Go & Grow Camp – Go further & Grow stronger

Attending the Go and Grow summer camp, students will experience learning activities, team building, and participate in community service and discovery trips.

  • Independent skills (preparing picnic food, washing clothes, folding clothes, ...)
  • Survival skills (establishment of tents, first aid, prevention and improvisation to problems when going on a picnic, integrating with the local culture, etc.)
  • Cooperation skills (living together, studying together, planning together...)

Experience a meaningful and memorable summer with OLYMPIA

SUPER SUMMER – A wonderful summer is a playful summer.

Across the journey of SUPER SUMMER, participants will practice “Play Green” and “Go Green” together, with chances to accumulate valuable skills, such as:

  • Self-control, self-responsibility
  • Self-challenging without parents’ presence
  • Self-protection in public places

POWER UP – Playing football and Basketball with International Coaches

The summer camp with scout’s methodology and spirit promises to provide a truly challenging summer to all participants. In this summer camp, students will be trained in:

  • Planning
  • Strengthening the spirit and practicing problem-solving skills in hypothetical situations.
  • Physical training and defensive martial arts.

“I took part in Utopia and was a policeman for 9 days and 8 nights.”

My daily task was patrolling and making sure that other citizens brought enough belonging, whether they were punctual or not and checked if they lost something. Thanks to Utopia, my summer became much more memorable.

Bui Tuan Nam

Camper – Tsunami police department, Utopia summer camp 2018

“Wonderful experience in Super Summer, thanks to the Ball House”

I love playing sport very much. At first, I was quite shy because there were mostly boys, and they teased me sometimes. But I didn’t mind. In the end, to be able to play sport is the most important to me.

Ngo Bao Han

Ball House camper, Super Summer 2019

“Having a chance to meet young sports enthusiasts, who always desire to challenge themselves in this summer camp was the most unforgettable memory of mine.”

Along with sport training, the Power Up summer camp also provides participants with daily defensive martial arts lessons. In addition to that, there is a healthy diet with sugar-free drinks. I explained to them:” Let’s take some top-tier supercars like Ferraris or Lamborghinis as an example. They cannot be operational properly if they are filled with bad fuels”. So do we. That’s why a healthy diet is necessary for us as well as frequent physical training.

Coach Jacob Young

Martial arts instructor, Power Up camp 2019.


Shine as volunteers at Olympia’s summer camps

Come to Olympia's exciting summer programs, where you can discover yourself and perfect your skills to prepare for the future job you love. This is an opportunity for you to exchange, show off your talents and an opportunity to learn and have fun with cute and creative students. Olympia Summer Camp is a gathering place of active, enthusiastic, professional volunteers with many talents such as singing, dancing, drawing, handmade crafts, film making...

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