Suspenseful Final Round of General Knowledge 2023 for High School Olympians

14 March, 2023

General Knowledge is an intellectual English playground for Secondary School and High School Olympians - where students can compete their knowledge to improve their general understanding, practice their English skills and teamwork skill as well as their ability to response quickly. Launched in February, General Knowledge 2023 received great response from Olympians.
After the Preliminary and Semi-Final Round, the organizers have selected 2 excellent team to move on to the Final Round of High School Olympians. Cheered by many students at this suspenseful match, the teams made the audience ‘hold their breath’ every time the players rang the answer bell.
3-9The Final Round of General Knowledge for High School Olympians
While team Gorbachop quickly and correctly answered questions on the topics of history, biology, entertainment, Greek mythology, literature, etc., team Machine Girl conquered the questions on the topics of mathematics, physics, Vietnamese history, etc. At the end, the whole audience was amazed when team Machine Girl won the competition with a close score of 110 – 105.


2-11Team Gorbachop
Congratulations on the excellent victory of High School Olympians in General Knowledgde 2023:
First Prize:
Team Machine Girl – Nguyen Lam Chi, Mai Ha Anh, Dao Phuong Mai, Le Quoc Thai (Grade 11)
IMG_4529Team Machine Girl received First Prize
Second Prize:
Team Gorbachop – Cao Minh Son, Duong Anh Tuan, Nguyen Khoi Nhat Minh, Hoang Minh Nguyen (Grade 10)
IMG_4400Team Gorbachop received Second Prize
Third Prize:
Team M.I.D – Jack Ryan Baker, Nguyen Manh Tien Dat, Nguyen Quoc Anh, Dang Minh Quan (Grade 11)
Team Born To Slay – Tran Ngoc Bao Anh, Nguyen Nhu Xuan, Le Ngoc Chau Anh, Nguyen Trang Linh (Grade 10)
IMG_4265Team M.I.D and Born To Slay received Third Prize

As a person with wide knowledge, Olympian Le Quoc Thai (Grade 11) - a member of the First Prize team - considers General Knowledge as a playground for him to show his strengths. He also shared that the knowledge that his group knows is acquired through a long-term process of studying, reading books and updating daily information. Therefore, the First Prize is like an encouragement and recognition for Quoc Thai's efforts to enhance his knowledge every day.
Team Machine Girl
Ms. Shannon Koga – Head of Schools and coordinator of the final round – shared her excitement when hosting the most suspenseful match in this year's competition, with the largest audience and the closest results of two participating teams. Through the contest, Ms. Shannon hopes that it is an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge that they’ve learnt in classroom in order to answer the questions in the competition.
Ms. Shannon Koga - Head of Schools, the coordinator of the final round



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