What do children learn from a Drama project?

24 September, 2021

Drama is a familiar and engaging form of learning for students. Through rehearsing and theater performances, children are trained in emotional expression, language expression as well as fostering more love for language and art.

In the Pre-Primary Department of the Olympia Schools, there are usually 2 drama projects in a school year. Each project lasts for 2-3 weeks and is carried out within the interdisciplinary framework, which means that practically all learning activities are integrated in accordance with the play’s themes and materials.



The Language Development class aims at stimulating students’ reading comprehension and emotional expressing skills, while the character-building class equips students with the ability to design their own set and probs. Working on a common activity also allows students to put what they they have learned about emotional and social interaction into practice, which is beneficial to collaboration and teamwork. Teachers can also employ characters and events in the story as a source of material for Math class. Learning will be more enjoyable, colorful, and meaningful for your children this way.

Before entering the project, the children had the chance to watch the Dragon Ball play and interact with actors in order to observe and learn how to perform through speech and body language.


Let's see how Olympia pre-primary students perform the drama project "Fox, Rabbit, Rooster"!



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