Extending the application deadline for Olympia Global Fellowship Program

14 March, 2023


The Olympia Global Fellowship Program (OGFP) is a highly competitive academic, professional, and personal development program for talented middle and high school students from grades 7-10 at The Olympia Schools in Hanoi, Vietnam. The program aims to engage students with ongoing and diverse global opportunities that facilitate academic inquiry, professional and career orientation, cultural immersion, and personal enrichment.

For Olympians to register for the program, we have extended the application deadline to 11:59 PM (Vietnam time), March 30th.

Let's quickly complete the application and fill out the registration form before the deadline here.


Bài gia hạn-02


Joining the OGFP, students will have opportunityies to immerse themselves in: 


▪️Academic inquiry: Pursue academic inquiry through scholarly reading and discussion, guided research and collaborative projects with Olympia’s top teachers, college professors, scholars and researchers worldwide. 


▪️ Professional & career orientation: Gain professional and career orientation through case studies, company visits, short-term internships and sharing sections from industry experts, nationally and internationally, spanning a wide range of industries and sectors. 


▪️ Cultural immersion: Engage with cultural immersion opportunities, including music and arts activities, cultural exchange programs, excursions and field trips. 


▪️ Personal enrichment: Enable personal enrichment through conversations with influential and inspiring speakers worldwide, personal development projects, guidance and conversations with a network of accomplished mentors. 


Further information about the program can be found here.


Any questions regarding the program, please contact us via email: ogfp@theolympiaschools.edu.vn.

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