Outstanding students from Olympia High School winning scholarships of the British University Vietnam - BUV

25 September, 2021

The Olympia Schools would like to congratulate excellent students who successfully achieved 2021 scholarships within the framework of the strategic scholarship program between the Olympia High School and British University Vietnam (BUV). Scholarships worth from 30% to 50% of tuition fees will realize students’ dream of studying abroad and obtaining a UK Bachelor’s Degree in Vietnam.

The outstanding faces of Olympia High School who were honored to win scholarships cooperated with BUV for the academic year of 2021

  • Nguyen Ha Nhi – Scholarship worth 50% of tuition fee


  • Nguyen Bich Ngoc – Scholarship worth 30% of tuition fee

Bui Quynh Chau – Scholarship 30% of tuition fee


With the goal of cooperating comprehensively in education, and creating more learning opportunities for students, Olympia High School and BUV have coordinated to organize several activities that bring multiple benefits to students. BUV’s scholarship program always searches for students who have excellent academic achievements, be active in extracurricular activities, possess leadership potential, desire for self-development to serve the community and society in the future to award valuable scholarships.


In the school year of 2021, standing out of thousands of valid applications from high school partners across the country, the winners of the Cooperated Scholarship Program from Olympia High School had successfully passed the qualifying round as well as the rigorous interview round before being selected by the BUV Scholarship Committee. This is not only an admirable achievement but also a crucial step for students before leaving high school and entering university.

The Olympia Schools and BUV are proud to have such brilliant students, and we wish you all the best in the journey of discovering passions and asserting yourself in a new learning environment!

For students who are interested in the Olympia Schools – BUV Cooperated Scholarship, please contact the College Counseling Office for Study Abroad and Career (UCC) as well as the BUV’s counseling hotline – 096 662 9909 or via email - sr@buv.edu.vn now for further information about early preparation and application for the next scholarships.






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