The former student of Olympia organised her art exhibition at the age of 19

27 September, 2021

After days and months of creating diligently on canvas, Nguyen Ngan Ha (nickname: Chip Pham) has finished incredible works alongside her teacher, painter Trinh Thang, in order to open “VO” exhibition at Nguyen Art Gallery (31A Van Mieu, Dong Da, Hanoi) from 13 - 21/12/2020 (9:00 - 18:00


Ngan Ha with her paintings at “VO” exhibition


Currently, Ngan Ha is a freshman in interior design major at UAL (University of the Art London). During her years in Olympia inter-level high school, Ngan Ha was popular for her art talent with numerous works, projects and awards from contests. Furthermore, Ngan Ha also held responsibility as a founder, organizer, coordinator, consultant and member of many cultural along with art activities of the Student council; took part in the entries for Olympia Film Festival (A contest which is held for inter-level schools in Hanoi); enrolled in national and international English debating competition.



Mrs. Luong Thu Ha (Leader of Fine Arts department in Olympia inter-level high school), who has not only accompanied Ngan Ha in order to nurture and develop her art talent but also assist the process of perfecting all the works of the exhibition, disclosed: “Up until this point, I would call her an artist, not merely my student. Chip (Ngan Ha) is an artist living with concerns and passions in discovering the space of art. Even though she owns an emotional soul as well as the required skills of an artist, her experiences in life are quite limited. Due to this matter, throughout the process of completing the exhibition, I tended to spend time talking to her so as to build ideas and helping her to express her mind on the canvas, rather than instructed her on how to paint or how to arrange layout and color - owing to the fact that she has practiced all of those skills her entire years at school. I believe that after this exhibition, she will gain more experiences in the field as this is a milestone that would strengthen her confidence so that she can keep pursuing her art career.


Ngan Ha and Ms. Luong Thu Ha (Leader of Fine Arts department in Olympia).


“VO” exhibition has attracted countless art lovers to visit and observe. The first creator of the works is Trinh Thang - a well known painter who owns a huge treasure trove of creation with over 1000 paintings. The exhibition consists of 50 works in the themes of spirituality, developing consciousness, enlightenment through human portraits, animals and landscapes. Meanwhile, Ngan Ha’s works involve shades of colors and shapes that illustrate the unlimited desires and youthful ambitions, but they are also immensely feminine, innocent and dreamy, as if they are the gift of life. The young lady’s painting frequently depicts wide and generous spaces with unique characters that embrace meaningful perception in life. Her colors and shapes show unlimited desires and youthful ambitions, but are also very feminine, innocent and dreamy, as if they are the gift of life.


Ngan Ha with her teacher, painter Trinh Thang

This opportunity has helped her in spending time for her passion in art as well as fulfilling her dream of establishing her first exhibition at the age of 19. Moreover, the experiences that Ngan Ha has throughout the process of creating and completing the exhibition have flourished her passion for art together with adding delicate notch in her painting skills.


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