12 April, 2024

NYU Shanghai, $84,800/4 years; Furman University, $184,000/ 4 years; Drexel University, $132,000/4 years. These are the proud achievements of 12th-grade Olympian Nguyen Bao Linh in the recent round of college applications. In response letters, Furman University (ranked 46th in National Liberal Arts Colleges, according to USNews) used the term "excellent" to evaluate the profile of the student who continuously achieved the titles of Excellent Student and Outstanding Student, accompanied by a rich extracurricular activities background.

As the former Head of 11th Grade, Head of Events and Logistics of TOSMUN in 2024, participating in the organization committee of various major educational and extracurricular projects such as Olympia Voice, Olympia Film Festival, Olympia Spirit, Bao Linh is also a member of the Olympia female volleyball team that recently won the Gold Medal at the Phu Dong City Healthy Olympics in Hanoi.

Having been involved with Olympia for 7 years, Bao Linh stated that this is where "I found my passion and discovered my true colors." "Olympia gives me the opportunity to experience countless interesting experiences from academics to extracurricular activities; it molds me into a person always ready to embrace new things and not afraid to overcome challenges. When participating in extracurricular activities, from being a member to a leader, I gained an overview of the functions, operation methods, and experiences in dealing with situations that may arise within an organization. I also learned how to work effectively in teams, how to negotiate and communicate with external partners... These are wonderful lessons that have helped me become a more confident, courageous version of myself today," the Olympian shared.

Deciding to pursue Business. Bao Linh said she was inspired by the interesting learning experiences in Economics & Law. Projects such as: Creating a communication plan to promote Vietnamese tea in the US market, initiated by Olympia teachers, not only provided a knowledge foundation in business and economics but, more importantly, "awakened" the passion and paved the way for the Olympian to enter this vibrant field.

"Bao Linh is an enthusiastic, responsible student, with leadership and creativity. She is always determined to complete every task assigned in a meticulous manner with the best quality. I believe that, with talent, courage, perseverance, and commitment to the set plans, Bao Linh will achieve her goals and step confidently on the upcoming journey," teacher advisor Do Thi Bao Linh shared about her student.


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