Joining Olympians Grade 10 on an educational journey to explore Vietnam's traditional cultural heritage

16 March, 2024

"In the homeland of Quan Ho folk songs, even a ray of sunlight carries its melody..."

Recently, 10th-grade Olympians embarked on a journey to the Quan Ho folk song region of Bac Ninh - the "cradle" of many cultural heritages in Vietnam - to experience and study history. This trip is part of the project "Preservation and Sharing" that the students are currently undertaking as part of their study on "Preservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage Values in Vietnam." The project aims to provide Olympians with a comprehensive understanding and practical experience of the traditional cultural values of the nation. Through this, they will come to appreciate and cherish their cultural roots, understand their identity amidst globalization, and develop a greater consciousness in preserving and share the traditional cultural heritage of the nation.

In the land of Bac Ninh's heritage, Olympians visited Dau Pagoda - one of the oldest pagodas in Vietnam and once the center of Buddhism in the country. With attentive listening and note-taking on the historical significance of this national heritage site, K10 students also captured images of distinctive curved pagoda roofs and preserved artifacts.

Their journey included a visit to Dong Ho Folk Painting Conservation Center, where they explored the history and practiced traditional painting techniques. They also visited Do Temple, where they participated in making "phu the" cakes and engaged in a cultural exchange session of Quan Ho folk singing with local artists, thereby enriching their educational experience with valuable insights and emotions.

As they concluded their educational day in Bac Ninh, the K10 Olympians returned to school with a treasure trove of new knowledge and positive energy to continue their research and enhance their projects for the upcoming "Heritage Day" showcase.


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