Olympian Grade 11 has made top 25 outstanding students worldwide in Virtual Stock Trading Competition

19 March, 2024

In the Top 25 talented "traders", Thai Toan ranked 6th in terms of the previous round's performance with a monthly investment result on the virtual stock exchange that increased the "asset" value from 1 million USD in virtual money to 7.5 million USD in just 1 month.

Do Thai Toan - Olympian Grade 11 was in the Top 25 best contestants worldwide in Virtual Stock Trading Competition 2024

Virtual Trading Competition is a playground organized by Stevens Business School - Top 100 business school in the US (according to U.S. News & World Report 2023) for 10th-11th graders worldwide. After the Online Trading round took place in February, the 25 contestants with the best investment results will come to Stevens Business School (New Jersey, USA) to compete in live stock trading based on real market conditions; and attend workshop on professional financial information systems; the latest trends in the financial industry ...

Sharing about the process of participating in the Virtual Trading Competition, Thai Toan said that he spent a lot of time researching market materials, watching analysis and investment strategies, and talking to many experts in the field of finance. This journey also had the great support and assistance of the teachers of the Economics and Law Department at Olympia School.

"The knowledge that teachers taught in Economics and Law in general and AP Economics in particular was very useful for me during the competition. It provides a macro- and micro-understanding of the economy, monetary policy, how the market works, and principles of investment, saving and financial management... During the Virtual Trading Competition, Economics and Law teachers also advised me on many new perspectives and analyses. The teachers' funny and inspiring stories helped me relieve stress and focus better on the 1-month investment challenge in the Online Trading round," shared Olympian Do Thai Toan.

Thai Toan and Ms. Ngo Minh Trang - teacher of Economics and Law.

He excitedly mentioned that learning projects of Economics and Law such as researching large multinational companies like Coca-Cola, Amazon... have brought him a wealth of knowledge about finance and helped him develop many important soft skills for the future.

Olympian affirms that the learning methods of Economics and Law at Olympia combined with experiences like the international playground Virtual Trading Competition has brought him many useful lessons - practical overview of the cryptocurrency market, the impact of inflation and the Covid pandemic on the financial market, as well as how to manage finances and manage risks...


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