Career Exploration 2021: Solid preparation for brilliant future

27 September, 2021

Career Exploration – a vocational event – has been held four times at Olympia Schools, aiming at providing vocational guidance to students and supporting them to unleash their potential. This is the annual event as a part of vocational activities designed by UCC and organized by grade 9 students.


In particular, on top of grade 8 to 12 students and their parents joining the event, there were 30 speakers who are Olympia parents working in diverse fields sharing about their own occupation in Career Exploration 2021.



Students listened attentively to speakers


The event was centered around Holland’s Theory, the most common theory of career choice applied in Vietnam’s vocational market. “Holland Code” refers to a theory of vocational choice developed by an American psychologist, Dr. John L. Holland. It has helped millions of people around the world choose and follow their suitable career.


Holland’s theory is centered on the notion that personalities underlie career choice and most people fit into one of six personality types:

Realistic (Do-ers)

Investigate (Thinkers)

Artistic (Creators)

Social (Helpers)

Enterprising (Persuaders)

Conventional (Organizers)


New York Health Careers


“Holland Code” is applied flexibly and suitably to students in Vietnam to ensure the most appropriate advice. Corresponding to Holland Code structure, there are six rooms in Career Exploration 2021 representing six personality types; each room has two speakers.


Speakers shared about their career experience


“Many parents told us that this year questions have better quality than previous years. Students showed their progressive thoughts through the questions posed to speakers. Last year, speakers only talked about their career story, but this year they provided deeper insight into one or two skills that are needed in their occupation,” said Le Dieu Thuy, UCC member.


Exciting atmosphere at Career Exploration 2021


This event not only presents students with opportunities to explore career choices but also shows them what they need to acquire to prepare for their future job




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