Congratulations to Olympians for achieving national prizes in the Oxford Big Read 2023 competition

11 March, 2024

The Oxford Big Read is an annual competition organized by OUP (Oxford University), aimed at helping students enhance their English reading and writing skills. In 2023, with the theme "Your story starts here," Olympians from Elementary and Middle School levels participated in this event, creating their own memorable stories. In the National round, surpassing numerous students nationwide, 11 Olympians achieved impressive results.

To reach the National round of the Oxford Big Read 2023, Olympians went through the school-level competition with hundreds of formidable "opponents." In the National round, participants had to read and study a book from the announced list, complete a report, and create illustrative drawings.

"I have learned a lot from this useful competition, such as working more focused, reading deeply, and contemplating various aspects of the content I read. Writing reports and drawing illustrations also helped me develop a richer imagination," shared the Runner-up nationwide, Kanna Porn Pham (7H3).

This Olympian also noted that the English learning approach at Olympia significantly contributed to their participation in the competition. Specifically, at school, they were introduced to English book translation activities starting from the 6th grade, completed English research papers, and participated in various interesting educational projects such as Shark Tank, Thinking Out Loud, Ethics Bowl, and Theatrika. All these activities aimed to cultivate students' abilities in deep learning, critical thinking, expanding perspectives and life philosophies, preparing them to become outstanding global citizens.

Once again, congratulations to the 11 Olympians who excellently achieved national prizes in the Oxford Big Read 2023 competition. Keep writing new stories and embarking on new journeys of happiness of yours!


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