Congratulations to the Runners-Up of Immerse Education Essay Competition

05 October, 2023

Recently, the students of the Olympia Global Fellowship Program (OGFP) received wonderful news as they achieved the Runners-Up prize in the Immerse Education Essay Competition (IEEC) 

The competition presented a profound essay-writing challenge for students aged 13-18. The themes of IEEC span across various fields including science, arts, literature, economics, law, international relations, leadership, and more. Participants can choose one of these topics to delve into and express their creativity. Upon winning, they have the opportunity to receive partial or full scholarships to participate in short courses at top universities like Oxford or Cambridge. Winners can choose between online or offline classes, with three different learning directions: exploring academic knowledge, developing specialized skills, or exploring the professional world in various fields.  

Within the framework of the Olympia Global Fellowship Program, students are encouraged to participate in academic competitions like IEEC to challenge themselves in various activities. Students who register for the competition receive guidance and support in their writings from Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu - Academic Director of The Olympia School, along with other English teachers. 

Congratulations to the outstanding Olympians who have excellently received the "Runner-Up" award along with a variety of partial scholarships: 

▪️ Ngo Bao Anh (grade 8) with a partial scholarship for a law course 

▪️ Truong Khanh An (grade 8) with a partial scholarship for a business management course 

▪️ Nguyen Nhu Xuan (grade 11) with a partial scholarship for a film theory course 

▪️ Đang Khanh Linh (grade 11) with a partial scholarship for a law course 

▪️ Le Ngoc Chau Anh (grade 11) with a partial scholarship for a creative writing course


Accompanying the students throughout the competition, Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu shared: "The topics in IEEC are quite challenging for students from age 13 to 15. The essay requires participants to apply academic thinking, deep research capabilities and sharp argumentation skills, while still showcasing each individual's unique creativity. Therefore, the experience of participating in various competition such as IEEC serves as a solid foundation for Olympians to prepare themselves for the challenges they will face in higher education". 

In order to write a 500-word essay on various topics in the IEEG competition, Olympian Truong Khanh An (8th grade) shared that she spent a lot of time researching and studying before starting to write. Through this, she had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge in leadership - the chosen topic for Khanh An's essay. The competition also provided her with a playground to challenge and improve her writing skills. With persistent effort to pursue new and challenging academic endeavors, Khanh An and other Olympians have achieved accomplishments to be proud of.  

Once again, congratulations to the Olympians! We hope you will continue strive on your educational journey! 



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