Learn to create an utopia in Olympia's IB-DP trial class

20 February, 2023

“There needs to be a line to everything, even tolerance and freedom. We cannot be perfect all the time, nor can we build a society of absolute tolerance.”

A high school student reached this conclusion after attending the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB-DP) trial class at Olympia. This free Theory of Knowledge lesson was offered to any high school student in Hanoi, who might be interested in exploring the IB program - one of the most academically challenging program of education in the world.

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The class begun with a question to instigate student thinking: “What should we value in society?” This question would lead to a deeper investigation on the topic, which helped strengthen students’ interdisciplinary knowledge, as well as critical thinking and logical reasoning abilities. After the lesson, the students would be able to reflect on what they consider to be most valuable in society, recognize the nuance when it comes to protecting societal values, and start to think about the actions they can take to help create a better, more tolerant society.  

During the lesson conducted entirely in English, the students had lively discussions in groups to come up with constitutions that they thought can help them ensure an “utopia". Then, they would discuss logical solutions to threatening scenarios that the teacher posed, mainly revolved around the “Paradox of Tolerance” – should the intolerance be tolerated in a tolerant society?

The lesson’s theme generated lively discussion

In a class where every idea were validated, students were encouraged to voice their opinions, while also deeply listen to the diverse ideas of their classmates. Lots of questions were asked in a constructive manner. At the end of the lesson, they returned to the question they were asked when the class begun, thus had the chance to reflect on what they learned how their thoughts have changed over the class. This process helped them learn to be critical of the nature of learning, and understand more about how new knowledge are acquired.

After this IB-DP trial class, students are now more aware of themselves as thinkers, since they were exposed to new perspectives and learned more about various aspects of culture and society. This was also a chance for them to practice conducting discussions, presenting ideas and opinions in English, to become a better communicator in a foreign language. Most importantly, this experience inspired them to study and do in-depth research just for the sake of their own curiosity.

“I am very impressed with the way teachers let us direct our own learning in this class. The teacher encouraged the whole class to actively think for ourselves and participate in debates, instead of just listening and diligently taking notes like in traditional classes. He also listens attentively when we express our ideas, then gives us reasonable suggestions to help expand that perspective.”, said Nguyen Phuong Anh, who is currently studying in grade 10 at a local high school.

A student shared about what they had learned over the course of the class

TOK is one of the three core elements of the IB-DP program, which provides students with an opportunity to reflect on the nature of knowledge, and on how they know what they claim to know. In an increasingly interconnected but uncertain world, this subject and IB-DP program at Olympia in general prompts student to consider the role and nature of knowledge in their own culture, in the cultures of others and in the wider world, hence recognize the need to act responsibly.

Unlike in traditional classes where students just passively listen to the teacher’s presentation, the IB-DP classes will begin with a thematic question. And after some guidance, students will then be able to take charge of their own learning. This is the essence of inquiry-based learning, the learning method that makes IB programme stands out.

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Olympia is the first bilingual school in Vietnam to become IB World School, authorized to implement the IB program. In the school year 2023-2024, The Olympia Schools are open for applications from Grade 10 students for DP-Foundation program, and Grade 11 students for DP program.

🎁 SPECIAL OFFER: 15% discount on tuition fees for students entering the IB-DP program.

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