Diversity of sounds in Olympian K4 project

20 February, 2024

If anyone wants to know what the joy of a child at school is, just ask any students who participated in the "Sounds of Life" project recently held at Olympia Elementary School. The impressions left by the Olympians after participating in the event are: "So much fun, I want to experience it again."; "I feel the play is really fun and humorous."; "Extremely enjoyable!"

This is an interdisciplinary project involving Science, Music, LiFE (Learning in Fostering Environment), Vietnamese, and English for fourth-grade students, aiming to answer the question: "How can we use sound to create a diverse and positive life for everyone?".

Throughout the project, which lasted for over 1.5 months, Olympians worked together to explore information about creating sound, its role and meaning in life. Combining knowledge of music, Vietnamese and English, the Olympians produced four products: A scene from the play "Suburban Afternoon" - with sounds mimicked by the students such as frog croaks, crab sounds, kite whistles, etc.; Sound Museum - where the students collected sounds from their surroundings: at home, in school, in nature, and from various animals; Experience and Performance Corner with musical instruments - learning about the structure, origin, and playing techniques of common instruments such as piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, violin, bells, etc.; Musical Instrument Invention Zone - where Olympians applied their knowledge of creating sounds to invent musical instruments from recycled materials and experienced with different ways to produce different sounds.

On the "exhibition" day of these products, the fourth-grade Olympians took the initiative to host the program, introduce the products, perform, and coordinate activities for third-grade Olympians. Familiar sounds of life were presented in diverse forms, making the participants extremely excited.

Seeing the growth of their children, the “second mothers” could not hide their pride in their eyes and were even more motivated to undertake more meaningful projects. 


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