Grade 12 Olympians bring library to highland town of Ha Giang province

10 March, 2024

Overcoming a journey of more than 350km and nearly 10 hours of travel from Hanoi to the border town Yen Minh - Ha Giang province;

Bringing more than 500 books of various genres, 9 large wooden shelves, 4 reading tables, many toys, foam mats, felt wall hangings, decorative paintings, and lots of love...

The students of the Community Project Group of grade 12 and Olympia teachers transformed the empty room of Lung Ho Primary School for Ethnic Minority Boarding Students into a beautiful and cozy library. This is an activity within the project "One Hundred Libraries - One Dream", which Olympia is dedicated to implementing with the goal of building 100 libraries to support schools nationwide in the next 10 years.

Going through a long process with many fundraising, book collection activities, the project has received enthusiastic support from teachers, parents and Olympians. Each book as well as each message in the handwritten letter carries the love and desire to share knowledge of the Olympia community with students in underprivileged areas.

Assembling each bookshelf, decorating the space and arranging the first books for the library of Lung Ho Primary School for Ethnic Minority Boarding Students, Olympia teachers and students received many smiles and bright eyes from the H'Mong children when they were able to hold and read their favorite books and stories, and sit and play in a beautiful and modern space.

The trip also left many beautiful and meaningful moments in the hearts of each Olympian, helping them to be more empathetic with difficult fates and appreciate what they have.


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