High school students compete in business, winning, tickets to international competition

09 January, 2024

Applying the knowledge and skills of Economics and Law, K10-11 Olympians in the IB program and Electives classes have turned into entrepreneurs to present their impressive business plans. Ideas such as applying safety protection for women and children based on GPS technology, offering cost-effective and convenient international culinary experiences, and producing socks from coffee grounds,... have wowed the audience.

n the National Round of the "Company of the Year" competition in 2023, organized by JA Asia Pacific, a member of the largest non-governmental organization serving young people globally, JA Worldwide, has attracted enthusiastic participation from students. In just 1.5 hours from receiving the task of "developing an idea - business strategy for a product or service to address social issues," Olympians from 6 teams constructed comprehensive plans, including target market analysis, product production processes, promotion plans, and fundraising.

"The Company of the Year" is the largest competition of JA Worldwide, held annually in 6 regions around the world. Participating in this arena, Olympians have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned in the Economics program to realize their unique business ideas. Additionally, they enhance presentation skills, critical and logical thinking while presenting business plans and answering judges' questions," shared Ms. Ngo Minh Trang, Olympia's Economics teacher and a member of the National Round judging panel.

As a judge, Ms. Trang highly appreciated the intellectual capabilities of Olympians K10 and 11 in understanding market needs and formulating creative business ideas. After intense and competitive rounds, the top 2 outstanding teams have been selected to represent Vietnam in the Asia-Pacific Regional Round of the "Company of the Year" competition. 

Congratulations to: 

- Team Delusionalism (K11), including: Phan Ha Thy, Dang Dinh Khanh Nam, Tuong Vu Luong, Vu Bao Anh. 

- Team 7LTD (11DP), including: Pham Nhat Minh, Tran Minh Tuan, Phi Ngoc Lam Uyen, Dang Khanh Linh.

In March 2024, these 8 Olympians will embark on a journey to Malaysia to compete with international friends. With knowledge, resilience, confidence, and a continuous learning spirit, it is believed that they will achieve worthy accomplishments on this exciting experience. Best of luck, and shine confidently!


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