Join the Adventure with Olympians and International Trainees at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

15 February, 2023

On February 9th, the Primary School Magic Pen Club, the writing and creative English pros, led a group of education trainees from Southern Cross University in Australia on a tour of the museum. The 15 Australian interns, participating in the New Columbo program, sponsored by the Australian G\government, got the chance to experience Vietnamese culture and education 


đi bảo tàng.2
Olympians and the foreign teacher visit the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology   


During this tour, the Olympians had the vital responsibility of visiting and investigating the museum, collecting information, and introducing foreign teachers to the ethnic groups that live in our nation. This not only allows Olympians to get knowledge about history and culture in a vivid and intuitive manner, but it also allows them to develop their capacity to take systematic notes and communicate in another language. 


đi bảo tàng.11
Our students excitedly shared with foreign trainees about architectural of ethnic minorities 


Our young tour guides, the Olympians, started off a bit shy, but with the encouragement of their teachers, they quickly became confident ambassadors of Vietnamese culture. The international teachers were wowed by the kids' knowledge and passion as they introduced them to the diverse cultural identities of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. 


đi bảo tàng.13
People discussed lively about the exhibits 


Lecturer Kathy Lembke was blown away by the kids' confidence, energy, and English skills. She described them as adorable, kind, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic teachers, sharing their insights on Vietnamese history and tradition


đi bảo tàng.3
Mr. Brandon Yee and his students had a great time together 


Mr. Brandon Yee and his pupils were also in awe of the exhibits they saw at the museum, including the Dao's water-powered rice mill and the Tay's stilt house. He was grateful for this unique and wonderful excursion, and we are too!

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