Nguyen Hong An: "Olympia has supported my steps and helped me reach the US dream"

14 January, 2024

- Merit Award and DePauw Distinguished Scholarship from DePauw University; $192,000/4 years. 

- The highly competitive Global Excellence Scholarship from the University of Minnesota; $60,000/4 years. 

- Presidential Study Abroad Scholarship from Michigan State University.

These are the proud achievements of Nguyen Hong An (grade 12) in the early application round to U.S. universities.

Harboring the dream of studying in the U.S. since childhood, it wasn't until the end of the 11th grade that Hong An seriously pursued this dream. She transferred to Olympia in 12th grade with the hope of finding a "guiding North Star" to support her on the path to conquering U.S. universities. 

"Olympia has exceeded my expectations. The school has supported my journey significantly during the application process," Hong An shared. She mentioned that the counselors in the UCC Office were meticulous and thoughtful in advising her on majors and choosing the right university. In particular, the teachers helped Hong An understand that choosing a major should be based on individual abilities and passions, rather than chasing market trends, as she initially thought.

Impressed by Olympia's super dynamic environment, the creative-minded Nguyen Hong An was thrilled that all activities, from academics to extracurriculars, focused on creativity, stimulating students to think, do, and develop various skills beyond drilling and testing as typical of her previous school. The recent K12 trip to Da Lat was a memorable surprise for Hong An as it was the first time she participated in an experiential activity for learning and interdisciplinary research projects undertaken since the beginning of the year.

"The wonderful thing about Olympia is that everyone - friends, teachers - is friendly, approachable, and kind. Everyone has always listened, supported, and helped me a lot in both academics and future direction, providing emotional stability during the new phase in school. At Olympia, it seems like there is no barrier between students and teachers. This is truly a significant difference, and I feel fortunate to have met dedicated and capable teachers who inspire me so much," the Olympian shared, expressing deep gratitude to the K12 teachers who have always been there, supporting her through the challenging application process and helping her realize the dream of studying abroad.

Currently considering which university to commit to in the future, Hong An is certain about studying Public Relations and, if possible, double major in Business Marketing. Wishing her happiness and success on the next chapter!


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