Nguyen Huu Minh Nhat: “Best speaker” in Hanoi debate and five college offer letters

30 September, 2021

*Nguyen Huu Minh Nhat: “Best speaker” in Hanoi debate

Early January is not a common time to get college application results but Olympian Nguyen Huu Minh Nhat has had at least five offer letters from American colleges. He is expecting further good news from other colleges, which promises a brilliant outlook for him

By the end of December, Nguyen Huu Minh Nhat was exhilarating to get offer letters from five American colleges: Truman State University, Lycoming College, Drexel University, Texas Christian University, and Miami University. Five colleges are an impressive figure at the moment as the fall semester is nearly a year away. He is still expecting more letters before making his decision. Nevertheless, this early result has infused the “best speaker” with confidence to go forward.



“At the time of application, I was nervous as my profile was not as outstanding as I wanted, especially test results and extracurricular record. Hence, I was so relieved when I got the offer letters from some desired colleges.”

9 years with Olympia and a painstaking journe

As a strong member of D-doxa club who took part in many debate competitions in Vietnam, Minh Nhat has developed a clear roadmap for studying abroad under his teachers’ guidance over the last nine years.

“I have thought about applying to international colleges since grade 9. I have been learning at Olympia for nine years and throughout this time, my mother and Ms. My Linh guided me in career choice, extracurricular activities and personal development. My subject teachers and school advisors also supported me a lot in academic performance and development path. UCC held many workshops, College Fairs and consulting sessions which helped me define my college pick and next steps forward.”

Minh Nhat took on debating since grade 8 after realizing that he nearly failed English class. Debate helped him gain enough momentum to catch up with his classmates and develop further his analytical and presentation skills. In grade 9, he quit basketball team to join D-Doxa Club and spent more time on debate. He explored different cultures, got the advice, and learned from the senior at D-Doxa to prepare for an international learning environment.


Minh Nhat was awarded “best speaker” at Vietnam Schools Debating Championship 2021


“My proudest achievement is my first championship at Hanoi Debate Tournament 2019 (HDT). At Vietnam Schools Debating Championship 2019 – a national competition with many excellent contestants, I was named “best speaker” but I was not fully satisfied as my team could not get into quarter-final round. At HDT 2019, my former teammate and I formed the team with others, and I told him jokingly, “I feel sorry to you. We are teammates at several competitions and I got my individual prize but you not yet. How about we get the championship this time.” We were motivated by that to overcome many rounds that people said we had no chance to win, and we ended the tournament with an all-win championship.”

Minh Nhat thought of himself as unlucky in both debate and academic performance, but he never blamed on that and gave up. Instead, he tried harder and harder to turn himself from zero to hero.

“Application for studying abroad is a journey, not a milestone”

That is the first sharing from Minh Nhat on how to apply for studying abroad. Similar to other successful applicants, he said that a clear plan is very critical. In a nutshell, there are three things to bear in mind.

“For the junior, they should prepare the application as early as possible. Application for studying abroad is a journey, not a milestone, so early preparation can be more thorough and better fulfilled.

Next, they should focus on taking the standardized tests early. If the results are not good, they still have time to re-sit. And they should find suitable extracurricular activities to join actively and have a clear career choice to prepare an appropriate target-focused application.

Lastly, always have a backup plan. The current unpredictability may not enable anyone to travel abroad. The complicated developments of the pandemic and unstable politics make it harder to study abroad. I am also concerned about being unable to go to the US due to Covid pandemic, hence, I am considering some backup options now.”



Indeed, a decision at this moment may involve a lot of factors. Although Minh Nhat has not had any clear decision yet, the debater already has some outlooks for his own.

“I have not had any concrete visualization of a dream job or how to see myself in the next 10 years. But since I was young, I have always thought of pursuing business. Most of successful figures that I see are leadership entrepreneurs. It has motivated me to pursue Business but I think I need more time to expose and experience before planning to realize this dream.”



It is only a few more months before Minh Nhat and other 12th graders leave Olympia and move into a new chapter of their lives. The memories of nine years as an Olympian will surely follow his steps. Congratulations to Nguyen Huu Minh Nhat and best wishes to you and your journey ahead.

“I have seen a lot of changes in students, teachers, and school facilities over the past 9 years at Olympia. What I remember the most about Olympia shall be the teachers who have been in my great company. Mr. Toan and Ms. Giang Physics taught me for the longest time. They always supported me at school and in my personal life anytime I need them. Even now or in the future, I am highly grateful for my teachers who have nurtured me with great support and dedication.”

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