Olympia cooperates with Guangyang to enhance the experience of international exchange and learning for students

04 November, 2023

On November 1, Mr. Han Wee Fong, Vice Principal of Guangyang, and Ms. Shannon Koga, Principal of Olympia, signed a Memorandum of Understanding together, opening a journey of close and long-lasting cooperation between the two schools in the future. 

MOU ceremony between The Olympia Schools and Guangyang Secondary School at Olympia

At the MOU ceremony, Mrs Shannon emphasized: “The activities of connecting and exchanging with foreign schools are always strongly promoted at Olympia. This is also an opportunity for students and teachers to learn, exchange learning experiences and culture with international friends, and at the same time bring the good values of our country to the world. With the goal of promoting the core value of PREPARE, the cooperation between Olympia and Guangyang is a step to encourage students to continue learning, developing and preparing for their lives.” Both teachers and students from the two countries are very excited about the opportunities for communication, learning and development oppotunitites that come from this cooperation. 

The highlight of this cooperation is the activity of exploring the cultural exchange between Vietnam and Singapore. In the role of "tour guides," Olympians and Guangyangers shared about the distinctive features of their countries' cultures and history through History classes, presentations, or promotional posters. In addition, the students had unforgettable experiences visiting Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Presidential Palace lately. 


Olympian students told Guangyanger about President Ho Chi Minh during a recent visit to the Presidential Palace on October 31st.

Goodbye to our friends from Guangyang, Olympians are looking forward to seeing you again in a future exchange trip to Singapore. 


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