The Olympia Schools is officially accepted as an IB World School

31 March, 2023

The Olympia Schools has been officially recognized by the International Baccalaureate (IB) as an "IB World School", becoming one of 18 IB schools in Vietnam. From the academic year 2022-2023, Olympia is licensed to directly teach the Diploma Program (DP), a globally prestigious program for students in Grades 11 and 12.

Olympia is the first Vietnamese bilingual school registered to teach the IB program and officially licensed. The Olympia Schools is now part of a community of 5,500 accredited “IB World Schools” in 160 countries (Please refer to IB's website).
IB's recognition continues to strongly affirm the international standards of Olympia, from personnels, curriculum, learning materials, facilities, operation,... which have been successfully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS-WASC) to meet comprehensive international accreditation standards for all 4 levels, from Kindergarten to High School (K-12).


In the report of the IB assessment visit - the final step in the 6 stages to determine whether a school is recognized as an IB World School, Olympia was assessed as meeting numerous strict criteria and requirements of IB. This system of criteria and requirements covers all school aspects, including mission, vision, educational philosophy; capabilities of leaders, teachers and employees; curriculum and teaching materials; infrastructure; information technology systems to support program implementation, to name a few.

According to the IB accreditors, Olympia is especially strong in developing international mindedness for students. Moreover, the school leaders, teachers, staff and parents clearly understand the learner profile. Olympia has a network of prestigious domestic and overseas partners that actively collaborate with the school in professional development and expanding global opportunities for students to learn, experience, and exchange internationally.

Olympia leaders, teachers and employees participating in the implementation of the IB program have been properly guided and trained through a wide range of courses with IB; the school's own training program; international conferences; visits and learning experiences with many IB schools. Although the first DP class will start in the academic year 2023-2024 at Olympia, all the teachers, the curriculum as well as the school’s resources and facilities have already reached IB's international standards and are ready for teaching and learning. This was highly appreciated by IB experts in the report of the assessment visit in June 2022.

Olympia's infrastructure systems such as classrooms, laboratories and library also meet the IB standards, providing spaces for highly interactive learning experiences for students in groups or individuals. Information technology resources are available and actively support teachers, students to teach and learn effectively.

It is worth noting that IB would like Olympia to share its expertise on student timetables, interdisciplinary work plans for various subjects and classroom design for other IB schools to learn from.

IB demo class at Olympia

The above assessments as well as the result that Olympia is officially recognized as an IB world school have confirmed the quality of bilingual education that Olympia has persistently built over the past 15 years. The process of Olympia becoming an "IB World School" also took place successfully and quickly - just over 1 year since applying to be a candidate for the IB program - because the strict standards and criteria of IB are already observable in all aspects of Olympia's operations. Registering as a candidate and then becoming an official member of the IB international school network creates an opportunity for Olympia to further systematize and optimize processes, information and documents according to international standards of IB.

Becoming an "IB World School" opens up more global opportunities for students and teachers to have strong international exchanges with a large number of IB schools around the world; has access to IB's diverse and quality learning materials system. Moving forward, generations of students who are "knowledgeable, eager to learn, adaptive, caring and sharing", will graduate from Olympia and proudly contribute to building a better and peaceful world.
Congratulations and thank you to all teachers, staff, students and parents who have accompanied Olympia on this great journey of growth and development! In the following years, Olympia will continue to bring the IB program to other grades so that Olympia students have the opportunity to experience the full range of world-class international programs.

In the school year 2022-2023, Olympia enrolls students in the first course of the IB - DP Foundation program for 10th grade students. The DP Foundation program prepares students with necessary knowledge and skills to study the IB - Diploma Program. Students who graduate from the DP program will receive an IB Diploma issued by IB.
Students enrolled in grade 10 (DP foundation) from the school year 2022-2023 will receive a 15% discount on tuition fees for 3 years of the IB program at Olympia.



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