Olympia supports parents in caring for adolescent children

09 January, 2024

Adolescence is a challenging phase for both parents and teenagers. Understanding and addressing these concerns, Olympia Middle School recently organized a seminar specifically for parents with the theme: "Changes in Adolescence: Normal and Abnormal - How Can Parents Understand and Support Their Children?"

The seminar featured insights from Ms. Doan Huong, a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of counselling and therapeutic experience. Drawing from her own experiences as a mother and her observations during counselling sessions, Ms. Doan Huong received and addressed many questions from parents regarding the psychological care of their children. According to the expert, during adolescence, teenagers are developing in various aspects, not only psychologically but also in terms of brain development, personal identity, gender and sexual emotions, and peer relationships. At this stage, adolescents face challenges related to decision-making, considering consequences, emotional control, and identity formation, as the prefrontal cortex responsible for these abilities is still developing until the age of 20.

To recognize the changes in their children and provide timely support, Ms. Doan Huong suggested that parents pay attention to their children's daily habits, interaction styles, and emotional expressions. Especially, parents should maintain a healthy connection with their children to understand the hidden messages behind each action without labelling their behaviours and attitudes.

"Parents should be attentive but not too anxious. Parental panic can increase anxiety in children and make them conform to parental behaviour patterns," Ms Doan Huong advised. She also mentioned that when parents have concerns about the changes in their adolescent children, they should communicate with teachers and school psychologists to gather multidimensional, objective information and develop appropriate support plans. This is also a message that Ms. Dinh Thi Trinh, a psychologist at The Olympia School, conveys to parents: The school is always accompanying parents throughout the process of raising and educating children.


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