Olympians grade 10 of the international diploma program debuts english musical "Les Misérables" on showcase night

31 April, 2023



The incessant applause, the sweet thanks, and the tears of pride made an emotional resonance with "Les Misérables" on Saturday night, April 22nd. The musical performed entirely in English is how Grade 10 of the International Diploma Program reported their journey of more than 7 months of exploration and penetration of the classic work of the great French writer - Victor Hugo 


Immersive acting of the 10th graders SBQT


This is also a part of the learning report activities’ series called "Identity and Integration", which is deployed in the Interdisciplinary Learning Project: Philology - History - Art - Music "Who I am Among the Roots of the Nation?", implemented for Olympians Grade 10 and 11. 


The idea throughout the 3 performances of Olympia High School this year is to connect national identity and integrate East and West cultures. The connection is not only expressed in time throughout a selection of typical literary works from the 18th, 19th  and modern 20th  centuries but also in space. If the two performances "Rowing to the Roots" and "I am in the Middle of Poetry" have folklore influences spreading to many regions of the country (Northern region, Northwest of ethnic minorities, Hue and the South of Vietnam), "Les Misérables" is an adventure to France - one of the centres of Western culture 


24 Olympian Grade 10 students of the International Diploma program travelled together to France and transformed into tragic characters, who also ignited their love of life. Grade 10 Olympians amazed the whole audience with their role-playing ability and vibration of the characters’ fate. With their talent and effort, they have marked a significant milestone in uplifting and professional performance. 


Perhaps no one can describe this journey to success more clearly than Ms Dam Phuong Thao, The Literature Teacher, Head of Grade 12 and one of the two teachers who coordinated in this project. Let’s listen to her sharing of the International Diploma Program below 




Theatrical literacy has gradually become an increasingly popular form for most schools, especially creative learning environments like Olympia. Annually, the Olympia stage is filled with colourful plays, covering all levels of education, from Kindergarten to High School. However, when it comes to the Les Misérables project this year, the team is very proud of a product that is unique, strange and substance 


All we have were 

- A classic story 

- A challenging mission  

- And lots of valuable opportunities 

For the first time, a Western literary classic was selected for adaptation. 

For the first time, 100% of 24 students stepped on the stage. 

24 students made their musical 

Is it recklessness or bravery? 



To answer this question, it may be necessary to go back to the time when the new project idea was still "embryonic". In Grade 10 Language Arts of the International Diploma program, Olympians have a golden opportunity to discover the famous novel "Les Misérables" written by the great writer Victor Hugo. Not only the usual genre-specific reading comprehension activities were organized, but students were also given the chance to participate in a variety of reading, writing activities and creative experiences. Particularly, the most prominent part is the construction implementation of a theatrical adaptation of the original text, which premiered last Saturday. This is a precious chance for students to have access to one of the world’s classics, enriching their cultural and literary knowledge. Additionally, the project creates wonderful opportunities for students to develop a variety of common competencies: autonomy, communication, problem-solving, thinking skills and creativity, practising crucial skills in all subjects 


With the unanimity of the whole team, the students decided to produce their music.  

Producing plays is difficult, however, making musicals, especially musicals in English is much harder 


So, perhaps it is not wrong to say that the journey to this weekend's performance can be considered a journey of CREATIVITY AND OVERCOMING DIFFICULTIES of both teachers and students 


A scene from "The Miserables"


On that journey, we had many precious experiences together 

- Visiting the theatre, witnessing the rehearsal process and hearing first-hand conversations from the cast, writers and directors of the Alice in Wonder-Land musical troupe. 

- Joining Artventure workshop – The inspirational journey of young musical actors. 

- Exchanging with the main actor in the play Les Misérables premiered and made a big splash in Hanoi in 2021. 

- Working in a serious, open and supportive atmosphere of both 24 students and supporting teachers of Music, Fine Arts, Language Arts, English, Technology ... 

And above all, they had 7 months together: readlearn the work; write the essays that study the issues in the work; write scripts, plan in detail the lighting, sound, props, and costumes; cast actors and work hard together. 



All nearly 200 tickets were sold out for the show, which was a valuable encouragement to help the project team dedicate themselves to a full night 

Above all, more than a learning project, we all reminded each other of the last beautiful purpose of the special show: to contribute a small part to support the disadvantaged children who are sponsored by the Blue Dragon organization. Whether reckless or brave, we put "Les Misérables" on a brightly lit stage, with the desire to bring a little more light, a little warmth to the unfortunate lives out there, because love cannot be separated by any boundaries: space and time, and the ultimate learning is also for students to know how to LIVE TOGETHER in respect and love."  

>>> Let's congratulate Grade 10 Olympians and teachers with a brilliant milestone called "Les Misérables". 



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