Olympians Grade 2 appreciate the beauty of Vietnamese Tet with "Festive Tet" Project

20 February, 2024

“How can we preserve the beauty of Vietnamese culture?”

With the desire to preserve the national identity and evoke pride in Vietnamese Tet, teachers organized the "Festive Tet" project for Grade 2 Olympians. This was not only an interdisciplinary learning activity involving Vietnamese, Arts, and LiFE, but also a profound journey into the traditional values of the nation.

Taking place over one month, Grade 2 Olympians embarked on a collective exploration of the customs of giving lucky money during Tet and the theme "I love the Fatherland Vietnam." In addition to classroom lessons, the young students experienced a trip to the Museum of Ethnology, engaged in the practice of making Tet greeting cards, and personally painted bright pictures to create their own unique "one-of-a-kind" lucky money envelopes.

The lovely little hands of Grade 2 students left an indelible mark, contributing to the preservation and spread of traditional cultural values to everyone. This beautiful journey will undoubtedly enhance the lively atmosphere of "Festive Tet," bringing a vibrant Vietnamese spirit to the joyful days of the upcoming Year of the Dragon!

Let’s marvel at the lucky money envelopes and Tet greeting cards created by Grade 2 Olympians!



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