Olympians "visit the past" to meet the ancient Hanoi

18 September, 2023

Amidst the cool autumn weather, which is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year in Hanoi, 15 outstanding students from Olympia Global Fellowship Program have had their first extracurricular trip. Together, they hopped on the "electric train" and “visit the past" to learn more about Hanoi – the city with a thousand years of culture, where they have lived and grown up over the years. With the topic "Our Culture – A little Hanoi within me", this activity marked the beginning of their journey to explore culture and reconnect with their origin. Facing the concerns that today's young generation is losing their connection with their roots, Olympia always provides opportunities for students to learn and immerse themselves in the history, culture, and society of Vietnam. This field trip is indeed one of those special chances.
4-1415 Fellows together with the speaker and organizers of the field trip
In the nostalgic ambiance resimulated the ancient Hanoi at “Cửa hàng ăn uống Mậu dịch số 37” (Truc Bach, Ba Dinh), Olympians immersed themselves in the rhythm of the city from many years ago. Together, they explored Hanoi through interacting and discussing on the theme "The gentle light of cultural memories," led by writer, architect, and Hanoi scholar Nguyen Truong Quy. He demonstrated the development of the city's electric lighting system to illustrate the changes in the lives of Hanoi's people: "130 years ago, when the Bo Ho electric factory was built, electric lights became a defining feature of urban life, extending the daily activities of residents, in stark contrast to the rural areas where nights meant life came to a halt."
1-29Mr. Nguyen Truong Quy sharing the story of Hanoi
While sipping tea and enjoying peanut candies (kẹo lạc) – an old childhood treat, Olympians listened attentively to the intriguing stories about old Hanoi told by Mr. Nguyen Truong Quy. Through these stories, Olympians had a better understanding of the differences of Hanoi before and after years of development. To enrich their understanding, Olympians also spent time before the trip reading various articles about the images of old Hanoi, providing them with a comprehensive and harmonious view of the city. At the end of the day, they shared a traditional meal, giving Olympians a truly authentic and complete experience of ancient Hanoi through various senses.
Mai Thuc Quyen (Grade 9) listened actively to the sharings about Hanoi
The theme of this first field trip focused on culture, this left a lasting impression on the students, especially with Olympian Mai Thuc Quyen (Grade 9). Through the activity, she had a new and different perspective in Hanoi. Initially, most Olympians mentioned several famous landmarks when they were asked about Hanoi. However, during this field trip, speaker Truong Quy highlighted a significant and different impression about Hanoi which is often overlooked by others in this modern time - the story of the city's lights. Thanks to this, Olympians had a unique perspective on Hanoi through a lens deeply embedded in culture and history.
This was indeed a journey filled with countless new experiences and knowledge. Let's look forward to the upcoming activities of the students in OGFP!



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