Online learning handbook - "Luggage" for safe, smart learning

30 September, 2021

In recent years, with the outstanding development of information technology, online learning is no longer strange to schools. However, successfully organizing an effective online lesson depends on many different factors, from the quality of transmission infrastructure, software, teachers’ pedagogy, each student’s attitude to the collaboration of parents. With the aim of best supporting this process, The Olympia Schools has issued: “Online Learning Handbook”.



At Olympia, the project “Teaching and Learning in a Digital World” is the next step of the process of bringing technology into Olympia’s school curriculum since the early years of the 21st century. This is also the period of digital transformation at Olympia according to the vision of building a school of the future to meet the needs and learning styles of Generation Z - “born digital citizens” and the rapidly changing world.


With spirit of constantly improving the quality of education and being proactive in any situation, The Olympia Schools have compiled and published “Online Learning Handbook” to help parents and students stay up-to-date with the information of forms of learning at Olympia.




At the beginning of the handbook is the topic “Forms of learning at Olympia”. With this topic, readers will have a clearer view to distinguish how different learning forms are applied in different contexts.

The topics “Principles of organizing online learning” and “Technology platforms for online learning” will also help the classroom organization process be consistent and diverse because of the advantages of various technology tools while teachers run an online classroom.



Nearly half of the handbook is the content written for students as they are provided with methods to be able to study online in the most effective way. And the most important factor is parents’ support in the online learning process, thus the topic “Parents help children learn online” consists of full instructions to assist parents to quickly “digitalize” with their children in this new form of learning.


Complying with the commitments and following instructions in the handbook will help us maintain and foster quality learning in any situation together while ensuring health, safety and balance for all participants of The Olympia Schools.

Parents and students please read the full handbook HERE




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