Primary School

09 April, 2019

The primary education program aims to unlock the potential, focus on developing multi-senses, promoting curiosity and discovery in each student. The educational curriculum, learning environment and methodology are designed and implemented based on a perception: each child is a unique individual with different developmental areas. The program focuses on creating the most favor- able conditions for children to be autonomous in a safe and friendly learning community.

"From there, we teach children to be considerate, respectful, and responsible."




Primary curriculum is diverse in subjects. Physics, Art (Music, Fine Arts, Drama) are focused on developing along with Science, Technology, Computer Science, English. At the same time, students’ engagements in experiential learning activities, interdisciplinary integration projects, Human Development program LIFE and the Elective Club, etc are enhanced.




Primary teachers are those who inspire, evoke thinking, monitor students, and provide timely support in learning and build character of students. The teaching method creates conditions for students to mobilize their senses, actively explore the nature of the problem, and promote curiosity and creative capacity in the learning process. From there, we hope to develop the natural learning motivation and confidence in each student.



Every Primary class is a positive, safe and supportive community. Students are able to take the ownership, choice, responsibility and make decisions. They also become respectful and caring people.

Teach children to be curious & creative 
“We start to teach students about adjectives in a simple way by feeling and describing everything around them. Students distinguish basic types of words not by the rigid definition given by the teacher. The lesson begins with a box of dry apricot fruits for students to taste, and then they speak out about their taste. Words that describe that feeling are a kind of an adjective.


"The lessons about vocabulary or Vietnamese literature help to arouse the curiosity and the initiative from the students.”
-- Shared by Ms. Vu Thi Thuy Huong, Vietnamese Literature teacher, The Olympia Primary School

When students understand the nature of languages and ideological thinking, their creativity is of no limit.



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