Studying at Olympia: More than 30 clubs and excellent teams for elementary students.

25 September, 2021

This school year, at primary level, club activities flourished with a wide range of options for students to choose from.
In addition to the mainstream clubs, there will be many new clubs and excellent teams with rich and diverse content. With the division into two age groups and each club having only 10-15 students, the teachers will have the opportunity to slow down and and provide proper orientation to each student.

"Club activities not only allow children to pursue their passions, but they also assist pupils in realizing their full potential." When immersing themselves in an in-depth content, students will discover their talents and passions. Ms. Hang – Vice Vice Principal of Olympia Primary School shared her thoughts.
Along with a variety of clubs and teams, promising students will have an active year and develop according to their abilities.

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