The new image of Olympia's Griffin mascot

04 March, 2023

Exciting news Olympians! The time has come to welcome a new Griffin to join our school community. For many years, Griffin has been the iconic symbol of Olympia, representing generations of students with its powerful eagle head and lion body. According to Greek mythology, Griffin is a powerful king who holds the treasure of knowledge and life.

This school year, Olympia organized the 'My Griffin' mascot design contest, inviting students to participate in creating a new image of Griffin that is more child-friendly and reflects our student profile. The winning artwork by Dao Nguyen Ngoc Linh, a talented Grade 12 student, has inspired Griffin's new image, featuring innocent and intelligent eyes, wide open wings, and wearing the typical tie of the Olympia uniform with white, purple, and yellow colors.


With a new image, Griffin continues with us in our journey of learning, experiencing and exploring the world with Olympians. Like many other students, Griffin also participates regularly in academic, sports, extracurricular activities, and loves the nutritious meals in the school's kitchen. After the experiences at Olympia, Griffin became more mature and was ready to integrate on all future paths with the spirit of lifelong learning.


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With its new image, Griffin will continue to participate regularly in academic, sports, and extracurricular activities, as well as enjoy the nutritious meals in the school's kitchen. 

We are proud of our students' creativity and enthusiasm in creating a closer, friendlier, and more dynamic appearance of Griffin while still representing the 7 characteristics of an Olympian. We thank all the students who participated in the contest and Ms. Shannon Koga, Head of Schools, for her leadership in this exciting project.

As we follow the story of the new Griffin image in the photos below, let's look forward to seeing this friendly storyteller join us in our learning and exciting experiences, as well as appear in events, competitions, and corners around the school. Join us in welcoming the new Griffin to our Olympia community and let's continue to strive for excellence together!


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The new Griffin image was created based on the artwork of Dao Nguyen Ngoc Linh, a grade 12 student, winning the first prize for the mascot design contest "My Griffin".

In the process of creating the character, Ngoc Linh shared that she spent a lot of time researching and building enthusiasm to create a closer, friendlier and more dynamic appearance of Griffin, but at the same time still represent the 7 characteristics of an Olympian.

Therefore, when knowing that the artwork was selected, Ngoc Linh was very happy and proud to a part of the image of the school's mascot. She hopes that the new Griffin image will be welcome by the all students.

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Griffin has always been an important symbolic figure in Olympia's educational journey. "The old generation of Griffin has graduated, it's time to welcome the new Griffin to join the Olympia community.", said Ms. Shannon Koga - Head of Schools. The design contest was opportunity for Olympians to be involved in the process of creating Griffin's new image. There were abundant creative ideas for the school to rely on after this activity.


After the contest, Griffin's new character design was chosen because the image conveys the portrait of an Olympia student. Griffin shows Olympian’s pride, empathy, agility, and strives for excellence. Griffin will be a very versatile Olympian!

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The Griffin is a widely recognized symbol of the Olympia community and embodies the fundamental values of Olympians.


In the coming future, the Griffin will serve as a friendly storyteller, accompanying Olympians throughout their learning and engaging experiences, and making appearances at various school events, competitions, and locations.

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