University and Career Counseling

21 September, 2021

We are proud that Olympia is one of the first high schools in Vietnam to have University and Career Counseling (UCC). Our experts at UCC will support students in selecting suitable jobs and maximizing their potential.

UCC works with the principles of guaranteeing students’ rights, ensuring the accuracy, effectiveness and detail of the counseling during the selection of major and career orientation. Counseling activities should be in association with educational activities, bring about informational values and practical lessons for students. Every information between UCC and students is always transparent, clear and confidential on request. UCC’s counseling program guarantees that every decision about the future is made by students. UCC, school and families will be companions and supporters, and students are always independent in making their own choices and decisions about their future.

Olympia school creates a long-term orientation program with the orientation skill framework
from primary to high school with the suitable implementation for all ages. This program was
developed with references to Australian fundamental orientation skill framework, consultation
from experts in Vietnam using orientation theories, such as: Development theory (Donald
E.Super), The systematic theory putting each individual in the correlation with living envinronment through their entire life theory, Planned Happenstance, Holland’s theory – the most popular
orientation theory in Vietnam. Those theories are applied flexibly to be suitable for
Vietnamese students in order for us to provide students with most suitable counseling.

What will students receive?

- Detailed guidance in terms of self-discovery and making decisions related to learning paths, job selection and life overseas.
- Supports when students apply for scholarships as well as during studying overseas.
- Guarantee the fulfillment and accuracy of the letters of recommendation.
- Students’ rights are protected during application by UCC’s counselors.
- Best counseling from experts, which are members of legal, renowned domestic and foreign organizations.

Meaningful numbers:

17: Number of countries in which our students are studying.
67: Total number of networking events organized by UCC in 2018-2019 school year.
223: Total number of visits between Universities, Colleges and our students.

Our people

Ms. Nguyen Hanh Chi

UCC manager, member of Olympia High School’s Administrative Board.
Over 16 years of experience in counseling, supporting students abroad and career
Member of IACAC (International Association for College Admission Counseling) and APCDA
(Asia Pacific Career Development Association).

Ms. Nguyen Vu Thanh An

Master of School Counseling for juvenile – Havard university.
Saltonstall Award.
Experienced in student counseling in both Vietnam and the USA.

Ms. Le Dieu Thuy

Master of Finance and Banking – National University of Economy (NEU)
Working experience in Human resource management.
Working and consulting experience in English education for all ages

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