We care and full-of-lover embrace: Hearts from Olympia to Xuan Phương Primary School and Sao Do Middle School

30 September, 2021

As usual, Olympian teachers and students always actively participate in community activities, contributing our efforts to society and disadvantaged people. In the midst of Covid pandemic, Olympian teachers and students continue to send our hearts to the students who have to be quarantined at Xuan Phuong Primary School and Sao Do Middle School, Chi Linh, Hai Duong.


Sharing with the students of Xuan Phuong Primary School


The return of the Covid-19 epidemic at the time of Tet has caused many teachers and students at Xuan Phuong Primary School to be quarantined. With the desire to empathize and share with the teachers and students there, Board of Management of Olympian Primary School has organized a program to send material and spiritual gifts to Xuan Phuong Primary School.


“The donation program of Olympia Primary School is a way to help Olympians show their care and share with the community, thus helping the students obtain more life lessons. We not only give gifts but also organized a warm meeting between the students of class 3A3 – Olympia – and the students of Xuan Phuong Primary School”, shared by Ms. Dao Thi Huyen Thuong, a primary school teacher participating in the program.


The meeting not only brought joy to the students of Xuan Phuong Primary School but also created a meaningful experience for Olympian students. Many Olympians prepared hand-made cards or posters with warm wishes for Xuan Phuong students. Joining the meeting with enthusiasm, the students from both schools cleared the distance between strangers or the feeling of suffocation because of Covid. Both students and parents were excited and curious to listen and be listened to, learn about each other and new things about each other. Towards the end of the meeting, the parents and students felt touched and proud of what the children did for each other.




“For me, when I was assigned to be in charge of connecting the students of both schools, I felt that this program was really meaningful. I myself shed tears when I saw the students who had to be quarantined. I also asked ‘If I were their parent, their teacher, how would I feel?’. Certainly, I would stay to help the students overcome this difficult situation, and then everything would be fine again”, Ms. Thuong said at the end of the meeting.


“Kids, although the distance between the two schools is 9km or even more, it is just a geographical distance. The distance between our hearts is so close, like we are sitting in the same room. And I believe that no matter how far away from our loved ones, we can always feel that passionate love. Also, I hope we understand, share our care to others. It is positive thinking, responsibility for ourselves and respect to others. I wish we will always be ourselves, and learn to adapt to any changes”, - Ms. Thuong shared in the online meeting between the two schools.



In addition to the meaningful meeting, Olympia Primary School donated drawings, crayons, story books, and toys suitable for student age, Tet newspapers for the teachers, staffs and parents who were being in quarantine. We also gave Xuan Phuong Primary School 5 million VND from the fund “Four seasons of love” on February 3, 2021. The students in the Sun in the Box Club also made cards and send gifts to the students of Xuan Phuong Primary Schools.


From Olympia to Sao Do Middle School, Chi Linh, Hai Duong


As a hot spot in this pandemic, the students at Sao Do Middle School, Chi Linh (grade 6) and 46 school officials, staffs, and teachers also had to be in quarantine because a teacher were tested positive with Covid-19. In Chi Linh City, Hai Duong, many preschool children and primary students had to go to quarantine places like adults with limited facilities, making the community sympathetic and emotional. Wishing to bring a more meaningful Tet to the students in Chi Linh after such a difficult time, Olympian teachers and students decided to give appropriate sets of books and newspapers as a way to overcome Covid together.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang, a member of Board of Management of Olympia Primary School, shared:“As soon as we received the information that the students of different ages were in quarantine because of Covid, we asked ourselves: ‘As an educational service, what can Olympia do to support the students and teachers at the quarantine points? It is time for Olympian participants to show our sense of responsibility for the community and society’”.



To show social responsibility, Olympian teachers, students and parents gave more than 100 books to 180 6th grade students who were being in quarantine at Sao Do Middle School, Chi Linh City, more than 180 books and newspapers to 150 primary students who were being in quarantine at Le Loi Primary School – a remote school in Chi Linh City, Hai Duong Province. During the epidemic, the event still had the support from the students who wrote wishes, donated and categorized books before sending, ensuring compliance with regulations on safety and social distancing.


Community activities are opportunities for not only students but also parents and teachers at The Olympia Schools to express their sense of social responsibility, care, share, and spread positive thoughts. They know how to help properly and take practical actions to contribute to society, showing the spirit of “giving is taking”. The gifts might be not too big in terms of material things but they have helped the students in the quarantine areas know that they are not alone and everyone is looking forward to them, listening to their sharing, and caring about their needs and being willing to support them by all means.




“Coming from Chi Linh, when I heard the news that Covid had suddenly come to my hometown, besides being worried, I wondered what I could do for my homeland. In Chi Linh, my friends were also struggling against the pandemic. Some built temporary hospitals; some had to stay apart from their little children to work in the hospital; some had to go into quarantine; and some tried to call for support and supplies. As a member of Olympia, I connected with existing quarantine points in Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi and Chi Linh City, Hai Duong Province to know the situation exactly and determine the needs of the children there. After that, the teachers of the two schools discussed to agree on the best way to support. When I offered to send books to the children, one teacher said: ‘They will definitely be happy!’. Only a short sentence did make me emotional.


I believe that we can overcome everything as we are hand-in-hand.”







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